Emigration and life in Colombia.
Immigration to Colombia attracts many Russians. And yet, intending to emigrate, do not forget that it is quite difficult to find a high-paying job in Colombia.
Panoramic view of the capital of Colombia & # 8212; Bogota.
Colombia, according to many travelers, is a unique country in which some very different cultures and folklore traditions have been bizarrely connected. Arriving here, do not be surprised at the combination of Spanish culture with Indian and African customs.
However, it is this, as well as the friendly attitude of Colombians towards Russians, which motivates the latter to live here. It is important to consider that high-paid work in Colombia for a foreigner & # 8212; rather a miracle than a reality.
General information.
One of the main features of Colombia is that it is here, as nowhere else, that people are abducted. And yet, despite the fact that life in Colombia can not be called calm, foreign people coming here as tourists, there is nothing to fear. This kind of offense basically has an economic and political motive.
The palace in the mountains of Colombia & # 8212; Basilica of Las Lajas.
Price policy.
Colombia & # 8212; a rather poor country. Prices in Colombia are so democratic that if a person expects to rest with an average level of comfort, then he will have to expect about one thousand two hundred and fifty rubles a day. There is no need for a visa to Colombia for Russian and Ukrainian tourists, without it you can stay in the country for 90 days.
How much are the products.
If we draw a parallel with Russian prices, it becomes clear why some of our compatriots are eager to go to permanent residence where they will pay less for food.
So, prices in Colombia regarding food look like this:
Lunch in an inexpensive cafe translated into Russian rubles will cost 150 units. Lunch in a restaurant of the middle class, which includes three dishes, will cost from 750 to 900 rubles. The cost of bread & # 8212; 41-58 rub. The cost of milk & # 8212; 36-43 rub. The cost of potatoes & # 8212; 12-26 rub. The cost of eggs is $ 8212; 41-58 rub.
The cost of food in a Colombian restaurant.
How much are other goods and services.
The cost of household goods and services looks like this:
The price of cigarettes (1 pack) & # 8212; 66-83 rubles. The price of a trip by bus is # 8212; 23-30 rubles. The price of gasoline & # 8212; 30-38 rubles. The price for utilities (per month) & # 8212; 3.0 & # 8212; 5,0 thousand rubles. Back to the table of contents.
To the question of real estate.
Today, property in Colombia is much less than in the major cities of the Russian Federation. This fact is also important for those who want to move to this country to live and subsequently get permanent residence.
Rent price.
Rent an apartment in Colombia is not more difficult than in any other country. Rent prices differ democratically. The cost of renting a house in a residential area will be almost double the cost of renting an apartment located in the center of the city.
To date, housing prices look like this:
One bedroom apartment (sleeping area) & # 8212; 300-600 dollars / month. One room apartment (center) & # 8212; $ 200-300 per month. Two bedroom apartment (sleeping area) & # 8212; $ 500-800 per month. Two bedroom apartment (center) & # 8212; 300-500 dollars / month. Back to the table of contents.
Daily rent.
Preparing for a trip to Colombia, you can pre-book a room in a favored hotel or hotel. But a much more successful option would be to rent an apartment, because for about the same price a person gets at his disposal not a close number, but a spacious area and household appliances.
How to immigrate.
Today, immigration to a country like Colombia is not as popular as a few years ago. This is due to the fact that mostly people go to places where there is an opportunity to get a high-paying job or live well at the expense of the state. As a rule, they are attracted by central and western European countries. But those wishing to obtain Colombian citizenship are also available.
Immigration can be implemented by:
To work in Colombia.
Immigration to this country for the purpose of obtaining a workplace is possible only after obtaining a work visa, which is of two main types: temporary and resident visa.
A temporary work visa can be obtained by a foreign person who holds a contract with an entrepreneur from Colombia.
The central street in Bogota.
This is a multiple entry visa, and it is issued for twenty-four months. At the same time, it is important to take into account the fact that if a foreign person stays outside the country for more than one hundred and eighty days, the visa is canceled.
A resident visa allows an alien to subsequently obtain a permit for permanent residence. A resident visa is issued to foreigners who:
plan to stay in Colombia for an unlimited amount of time; have a visa for the husband or wife of a Colombian national (s); have a visa for a Colombian citizen (s) who has been continuously resident in the country for five years. Back to the table of contents.
Investing in the economy.
Also immigration to the territory of Colombia is possible by investing their own money in the economy of this state. It is important to consider that the amount should be at least one hundred thousand US dollars. It is also important to register the amount invested in any of the Colombian banks.
Conclusion of marriage and citizenship of Colombia.
Immigration to this country by marriage is very popular. Of course, a foreign person can not obtain citizenship right away.
According to Colombian law, this is possible only after the applicant can prove that after the marriage he lived in the territory of the state for at least 3 years.
At the same time, the applicant does not have the right to travel outside the country for more than one hundred and eighty days. Before acquiring citizenship, a foreign person has a temporary visa, which expires twenty-four months. In the future, a foreigner has the right to renew it.
Higher education.
Colombia boasts of having forty universities on its territory.
The building of the national Columbia University.
Immigration for the purpose of training is possible only after the registration of a student visa. It is issued for a period of twelve months, after which it can be repeatedly renewed. When a foreigner ends his studies at a Columbia university, he can replace one visa with another.
If a foreign student has a visa in his hands, then he has the right to receive such “bonuses” as:
training in a private or public institution; practice; participation in all kinds of student programs. Back to the table of contents.
Visa application.
Get a visa that allows an alien to stay in Colombia for more than ninety days, you can at the Embassy of this country.
So it looks like a Colombian tourist visa.
Documents are accepted on odd weekdays, from nine in the morning to eleven in Moscow time.
The issuance of visas is carried out on even weekdays, from eleven to one in the afternoon.
The applicant undertakes to provide the following documents to the diplomatic establishment:
International passport. Questionnaire (2 pieces, filled in English or Spanish). Color photographs (3 pieces). Honey. insurance. Document from the place of employment. Certificate of financial solvency. Booking flight tickets.
Despite the fact that in Colombia it is often possible to meet criminal proposals, the authorities strictly follow the implementation of the law. So, the import of weapons is strictly prohibited on the territory of this state. Also, it is not allowed to import any vegetables, vegetation and historically valuable items.
Detailed map of Colombia showing all cities.
You can not export any substances containing drugs from the country. Also export of stuffed animals and skins of wild animals is strictly forbidden. When exporting items purchased at a jewelry store, it is important to provide a check and an export stamp.