Emigrants in Europe – the latest news is not encouraging.
I generally try to keep track of news and follow everything that is happening in the world, to conduct analysis and generally understand what is happening in the world. I believe that living and not following events is very stupid, because it affects us all. We are part of the world, part of Europe and Asia. You can, of course, say that why learn about it, if nothing can be done. But I think that this is the approach of a weak man, who does not believe in anything, that he can change something and in general.
I read today that there are emigrants in Europe – the latest news is again disappointing. All these contracts of Turkey and Europe are not worth the eggs, and the Turks will not restrain the flow of emigrants, as soon as something does not suit her. I have an opinion that now this treaty will simply be blackmailed by Europe, and Angela Merkel in the first place. In short, all this is disappointing and somehow frightening to live, because Russia will be affected by all these events. And I really want to believe that our country will be ready for this. Here. ” Now it seems that the situation in Syria is normalizing, but I do not think that this will lead to the fact that all emigrants will go back. Why, if in Europe they give both money and housing. It’s easier, and it’s very sad, but it’s human nature.
everything is not so bad as they say in the news!)
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