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Education and emigration.
Permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Reception and registration of permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic is one of the most attractive European countries. To some, it is so sweet that people abandon their native Russia and move to the edge of tiled roofs, medieval castles, beer traditions and romantic legends, if not forever, then for a long time. Linguistic similarity, the possibility of integration into the national market give the foreigner hope for an early full-fledged membership in Czech society. Immigration to the Czech Republic is a painless process, but time-consuming. Here are its three stages:
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residence permit (residence permit) permanent residence (permanent residence) citizenship.
Five years of residence in the form of permanent residence permit to apply for citizenship.
Go to the Czech Republic for permanent residence.
To leave for the Czech Republic for permanent residence, in the first place, it is necessary to relate their capabilities to the requirements of the legislation of this country. There are different reasons for obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic. According to the general situation, a foreigner counts on permanent residence only after five years of residence permit (business motive, working visa), provided that he has not left the country for more than ten months in the aggregate for this period, and the period of one-time absence was not more than six months . Registration of marriage with a citizen of the Czech Republic reduces this five-year “probationary period” by more than two times – the right to apply for permanent residence comes after two years. Young people who come to the country for study on a student visa can expect to receive permanent residence only after a ten-year stay in it.
In the Czech legislation there are ways to accelerate this mechanism – for example, after a few years of study you can open your company and exchange a student visa for a business visa. And having written their relatives from abroad by co-owners, give them a chance to legally stay in the country. The status of permanent residence gives the owner almost identical opportunities with a citizen of the Czech Republic. The only exception is there is no right to elect and to be elected yourself. A person retains the citizenship of his country, but at the same time he can work in the Czech Republic, buy real estate in his name, qualify for a pension and social benefits.
With a permanent residence, the foreigner works as an employee on equal terms with the citizens of the Czech Republic, he does not need to obtain permission to the employment office. His children are covered by the privilege of free medical care until they study (up to 26 years).
Moving to the Czech Republic for permanent residence without a residence permit.
Avoid the first stage of legalizing their stay in the Czech Republic (obtaining a residence permit) in certain cases it is possible. For example, if:
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your minor son or daughter has the citizenship of the country; you are over 70 years old and you are a single parent of a Czech citizen; in your stay in the country is interested in state power; you can prove your Czech origin.
This also applies to minor children of Czech citizens.
How to get permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
If you have already planned your move to this country and have chosen for this a legal basis, then you can ask for help in preparing documents for organizations that provide assistance to immigrants, or start collecting the necessary documents yourself. If you know the Czech language, this will not be a problem for you, however, it will take you some time.