Education in Egypt.
Egypt is a popular tourist destination: tourists from different countries come here every year to rest. But in Egypt you can not only rest, but also learn.
The main advantages of obtaining education in Egypt are the following:
Low cost of training; Opportunity to enroll in an international or private university (training is conducted in English); The opportunity to get a quality education.
Higher education in Egypt.
In Egyptian institutions are persons who have a certificate of secondary education and the results of entrance examinations. In addition, many universities require knowledge of the Arabic language, which you can master at courses at the university.
Training in universities includes 3 stages:
At the first stage, students receive general scientific and general professional training. Upon completion of the training, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree and a corresponding diploma. How much a student will learn depends on his chosen specialty. So, training in humanitarian departments lasts 4 years, and on engineering – 5 years. The second and third stages of education are related to postgraduate education: the duration of the second stage (students study theoretical disciplines and conduct research) – 2 years, after which the student is awarded a master’s degree. The duration of the third stage is 2 years after the master’s degree. Purpose of the training: to gain in-depth knowledge of specialization. At the end of the third stage, students write a doctoral dissertation on the basis of studies conducted at the second stage of training. After the defense of the thesis, the student is awarded a doctorate.
Many foreign students begin to learn Arabic even before entering the Egyptian university. The fact is that those who know the Arabic language find it easier to find interesting work, for example, in the Foreign Ministry or embassy of different countries.
After learning the Arabic language and having received education in Egypt, you can become a political scientist, diplomat, journalist, economist-internationalist.
Learning to dive.
If desired, you can come to Egypt for diving training and PADI certification in major international diving centers. Training (practical and theoretical studies) takes place on a yacht.
Important: in order to understand how the body reacts to diving, a free test-drive is provided at the centers.
Having received the PADI certificate, the student will not only bear the proud title of “diver”, but also be able to rent equipment for diving in any diving center at a discount, and also go on special tours on yachts.
In general, it is worthwhile to get an education in Egypt for those who are going to learn Arabic and start building a career in one of the Arab countries.
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