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Since the beginning of August, the law signed three months ago by President Putin came into force, according to which the procedure for granting a residence permit in Russia to refugees from Ukraine who left its territory because of the civil war in the Donbass, political persecution that left Ukrainian prisons, where they sat for “separatism”, or released as a result of the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners of war.
Recall that on May 1, Vladimir Putin signed a law that provides for the possibility of obtaining in a simplified manner residence permits for foreign citizens and stateless persons who arrived in Russia on an emergency mass order, recognized refugees in Russia or granted temporary asylum in Russia and became participants in the ” State programs to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad, “as well as members of their families.
The head of the Union of Mothers of Ukraine, human rights activist and colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, retired Galina Zaporozhtseva, told about the fact that this law provides for and how it will affect the life of internally displaced persons, or, more simply, refugees from Ukraine.
So, many are interested in what happened for the changes in the Russian legislation regarding Ukrainians arriving in Russia? These changes took effect on August 1, 2016. Here is their text:
I. “Paragraph 3.1 shall be supplemented with subparagraph 3 of the following content:
3) foreign nationals who have arrived in the Russian Federation in an emergency mass order, recognized refugees in the territory of the Russian Federation or granted temporary asylum in the territory of the Russian Federation and become participants in the State Program; to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad, as well as members of their families who moved with them to the Russian Federation in the Russian Federation.
II. “Fill in with clause 3.4 of the following content:
3.4. The residence permit for a foreign citizen and members of his family specified in subparagraph 3 of paragraph 3.1 of this article shall be issued for the period of validity of the certificate of the participant of the State Program # 187; on rendering assistance to the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad in the Russian Federation, # 187; “.
So, let’s sum up: everyone who has a certificate “refugee”, “temporary asylum” from August 1, they can apply for a residence permit without a RWP (temporary residence permit), but must first become a participant in the State Program to Promote the Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots Living in the Russian Federation to the Russian Federation. ”
Galina Zaporozhtseva explains:
“What does this give to the citizens of the Kraines?” These changes allow not to wait for quotas on the RWP, and immediately becoming a participant in the program, to legalize themselves on the territory of Russia as people enjoying many rights with the status of residence permit, except for one right that is available to Russian citizens – right to participate in elections “.
We draw your attention that the following extremist and terrorist organizations are banned in the Russian Federation: Jehovah’s Witnesses, National Bolshevik Party, Right Sector, Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), Islamic State (IG, IGIL, DASI) , “Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham”, “Jabhat al-Nusra”, “Al-Qaeda”, “UNA-UNSO”, “Taliban”, “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”, “Misanthropic Division”, “Brotherhood” of Korchinsky, “Trident it. Stepan Bandera “,” Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists “(OUN).