Ecuador / Manta.
It’s a wonderful country where overnight you can see Indians and Penguins, the only state of its kind that sent its team with a shaman to the World Cup and a surprising place where zucchini grows the size of a cucumber, and cucumbers & ndash; as zucchini. Everything mixed up and turned upside down. It is understandable: Ecuador is on the other side of the globe. This South American state is visited by numerous foreign tourists from different countries of the world who want to get acquainted with the unique nature of the region, to climb to the Andes, to get acquainted with the unique culture of local residents. Our compatriots visit Ecuador quite rarely, due to the lack of information about this amazing country. Now it is not difficult to go on an exciting journey around Ecuador & ndash; Ecuador recently introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of all countries. So local authorities popularize the country as a tourist region. In the last year in Ecuador, even the national currency was abolished, which in recent years was subject to inflation. Now the official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar well-known to all our compatriots, and to take with them the best currency in cash, rather than traveler’s checks or credit cards. Credit cards are accepted for payment not in every store, even in large cities, and cashing traveler’s checks even in American currency is quite difficult. & Ndash; it will take at least a week. Traveler’s checks in another currency in Ecuador are not accepted for service.
One of the most visited cities of Ecuador is Manta, the full name of the city sounds San Pablo de Manta. The city occupies an important place in the economy of Ecuador. Although the population of Manta is on the fifth place in the country, this is the third most important city. Ecuadorian city of Manta, located in the province of Manabi, is a twin town of the Russian city of Vladivostok, whose inhabitants are aware of the largest ancient city in South America. Those wishing to visit the Ecuadorian city of Manta can purchase air tickets either in ticket offices or in tourist companies. Buying tickets in a travel company during promotions and seasonal sales will be much cheaper than in the ticket office, and buying tickets at both ends, you can get a substantial discount. It should be noted that Ecuador & ndash; This is the only country with visa-free entry for citizens of any country in the world. But travel to Ecuador can afford tourists with a level of prosperity above the average, as only the cost of air tickets both ways exceeds the amount of $ 2000. Ecuador is in the equatorial zone, so the average air temperature here is 25C throughout the year, but tourists who want to go to the Andes should take warm things with them.
The most huge ocean of the planet, which is washing the Ecuadorian coast, is in fact not so Quiet as Magellan once called it. It is in him that most hurricanes and typhoons are born, and he also creates the bulk of the clouds of our planet. As we know from the school lessons of geography, it contains the strongest warm current – the equatorial one, which rushes from the shores of Ecuador to Indonesia. Some time in 2-7 years it turns. Thus the El Nino phenomenon is born. So you need to be very careful these days.
Approximately once or twice a year the strongest aguae appears. This is a significant change in the water level, lasting 2-3 days. The sea is raging and the water level in it rises to 3-4 meters above normal. This happens on the new moon, when the Moon and the Sun are on the same line. At this moment, waves overwhelm the shore.
The ocean has a strong influence on the climate of the country. There are three seasons: winter (December to February), with its torrential rains and at the same time heat. Dry hot summer (March to May). From June to November comes La Garoy. At this time, the temperature drops, the sky is tightened by the clouds, the rain is damp and finely drizzling, the weather reminds us of autumn in Russia. Here you can see how the cloud descends to the ground, capable of hanging over the earth for up to three or more days (in the lunar phases). From September to November, rain is almost constantly drizzling, gradually turning into winter.
In June, near the shores of Ecuador, humpback whales can be found. Alone or in pairs, they move along the ocean coast from the south of the country to bajo Cantagallos, near Puerto Cayo, where they turn and begin their movement back to the Antarctic. Observe their romantic flirting can be during 3 months from a tourist boat on the high seas, or from the shore. In honor of this event, the Humpback Whale Festival is held every year in the country.
Travel companies offer excursion and group tours around Ecuador, including a visit to the old town of Manta, in this case a transfer from the airport to the city is free of charge. If you want to go on an exciting trip yourself, you must book a hotel room before departure, and you can get to the city center or the suburb from the airport by taxi, which is quite low. However, the price should be negotiated with taxi drivers in advance, even before the trip, in order to avoid deception. The infrastructure of the city is well developed & ndash; in addition to taxis, the city and the suburbs can be set off on regular buses, and with other cities the city of Manta is connected by a branched branch of railways. The choice of comfortable hotels in the city is small.
In the center of the city there are many restaurants, the best of which are MamaRosa, MaleconEscenico, Tantra, SanLorenzo, Plmeiras, where you can taste the best of local and European cuisine.
Manta is very popular among foreign tourists thanks to the clean beaches located on the Pacific coast. The most popular beaches are El Mursilago, Barbaskvillo, and the beach of San Lorenzo, famous for its often huge waves, attracts lovers of water extreme from many corners of the planet. Here, surfing surfboards on boards and with a sail, in windy weather, surfing sails resemble tiny yachts that went to a sailing regatta.
This place has long attracted settlers & ndash; before the Spanish conquest in the place of the city of Manta were the ancient cities of Mantegna and Inok. In the Spanish period, a few surviving inhabitants of these cities went to the mountains, fleeing the conquerors in the Andes, and the place of their settlements was the Spanish city of San Pablo de Manta. Residents of the city, inhabited by Spanish colonists, were doing about the same as the Indians who lived here before them. The first place in the economy of the city was occupied by fishing, and fishing of tuna is the most important place in the industry specialization of the city until now. Moreover, Manta declared itself to be the “world capital of tuna”; . On the embankment there is even a monument to this yellow fish in a tin can. Of great importance in the economy of Ecuador is the port of Manta, in which ships are loaded with coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, pepper, bananas, mango and other tropical fruits grown in the province of Manabi.
A fascinating historical fact & ndash; just in Mantoux in 1735 came Charles Mary de La Condamayn. At that time, he headed a French mission, whose purpose was to measure the location of the equator. And already from here the expedition went deep into the country. As you know, near the capital, in the province of Pichincha there is a monument and a museum “Mid-World”. It is here that the tourists of Ecuador have a unique opportunity to stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere, and another in the southern hemisphere. And for five dollars you can even get a document confirming your stay in the middle of the world & raquo ;.
Port Manta built a long time ago, so it has long been not up to date requirements. At the moment, it is planned to reconstruct the port to bring it in line with modern standards that allow increasing the flow of cargo through this port. The project has already been developed, the necessary documentation has been signed, and the reconstruction will begin in the near future.
Resting in the city of Manta, you can go on an excursion to the neighboring town of Montecristi, which is known for its unusual folk crafts & ndash; Weaving various products from vines, bamboo, paper, straw. Here you can buy unique souvenirs as gifts to family and friends. & Ndash; Hat and Panama, furniture and interior items, wicker statuettes and much more. And yet, On the road from Quito to Bagnos, about halfway there is the village of Salcedo. This village is famous for producing fruit ice cream, which is sold all over Ecuador. The village of Salsedo is one big factory, there are a lot of monuments here, and, as you can guess, of course – the fruit ice cream.
This is an amazing country, lying on either side of the equator line, which is simply not possible to visit.