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My special correspondent just reported to me that on Oxford Street, where the central store Game.co.uk does not even know the approximate date when the game will appear in their store and all sales go only from the Internet sites.
Funny .. what all the same can be competent game sellers in the central gaming online store in the UK.
Just from the history of FF14.
Central Shop Game Co Uk.
Question to the seller & # 8212; but what about FF14? & # 8212; neither on the shelves, nor on advertising, NOTHING & # 8212; as if the CE does not exist & # 8230;
opening the directory with games & # 8230; and flipping through the pages with the names & # 8230;
and a couple of weeks will not come.
we only sell it via the Internet.
even in the list of games there is no warehouse.
One comment on & # 8220; & # 171; Fi..naaaaal Faaantasy XIV..we dont have that & # 187; & # 8212; Game.so.uk & # 8221;
In general, I wrote about this on the forum. From this store the game was sent to me (like.) 19.09.
It’s already 11 days to Norway and it’s just unreal. Yesterday when the game did not come I suddenly came up with the idea that it could be wrapped up by the customs. There was a hope that the box all the same from the online store game.co.uk left and just waiting for its turn while it & # 171; will enclose & # 187; tax Norwegian customs. I called there and found out to me that they said that at customs the letter or parcel can lie for max 5 days. Plus 5 days to the mail from the UK to Norway, well, OK, I’ll give them 7 days (but it just does not fit any frames) = 12 days. If tomorrow the box does not lie in my mailbox, I can say with 99.9% certainty that the store ran many who made pre-orders. This is due to the fact that the boxes were not released enough at the time of release. Since the store withdraws money just before the order is sent out, they are simply afraid that the people will cancel their order and flee to another place. It is easier for them to withdraw money from you, send you a message that they are sending a message, and then throw everything to the post office. At the same time, they have strict rules, you can not claim the loss of the game only in 15 days, not including Sundays (or 28 days for international orders). For example on play.com this is “Please note that we will need to wait”. 21 Days from dispatch before we can investigate the non-arrival of an item & # 187; , before they had 14 days, but still a little easier, right?
With play.com, I’ve been buying for 7 years now, I buy quite a lot, because it’s cheap. For all these years there were 3 incidents. Once they sent me not what I bought, 2 times the game did not come. And guess what games. Both times it was pre-order, the first time on “Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life & # 187; for GC, and the second time “Final Fantasy XI Online: Treasures Of Aht Urhgan (Expansion Pack) & # 187 ;. It seems to me a very strange coincidence
I will certainly get my game, but the question is when. my 40 will be somewhere that turns … .. I can also call the bank and ask to cancel the transaction justifying it by not getting what was promised, but the problem is that the bank has its own terms too. And which is better? There is no choice: sit on the ass and wait. . .
Another thing: I made a pre-order for both boxes, but at the last moment play.com lowered the price for a non-selection box, I felt sorry for my 5 and I canceled the order for game.co.uk and went back to the first, there it was ordered and one more kollektsionka at the request of one of our comrades. It is promised that both boxes are already on the road. Let’s see what happens.
But in principle, here is one more reason why if you are really waiting for the release of some kind of game and especially if it lansizes in one day both in Europe and in America it’s better, now I’m almost sure of it, ordering it better in America.
Sorry if I brought panic on you, the people who ordered from http://www.game.co.uk.
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