Dreaming of him: Amsterdam + Brussels + Paris!
Lviv & # 8212; Wroclaw.
Collection in the Lviv railway. station. Transfer to Terminal “A”.
Departure to the tour is carried out from the Terminal “A” Complex.
Border crossing. Moving in the territory of Poland.
If there is time, we recommend to visit Wroclaw (16�) & # 8212; the legendary cradle of Poland! Sacred Flower of Europe & # 187; & # 8212; It is considered one of the greenest cities in Poland, distinguished by its beautiful architecture and picturesque corners. The Old Town is one of the most beautiful in Poland, the charming Town Hall with an old sundial, and the area of the Wroclaw market is the second largest place after Krakow. For most, this is a city of miracles, where each of us will find a particle of your dreams. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Germany.
Dresden & # 8212; Saxon Switzerland.
Breakfast. Moving to a fairy tale city, a dream city … & # 8212; Dresden! We invite you to visit the “Saxon Monarch – Dresden”: Dresden Opera House & # 8212; one of the most beautiful in the world, the excellent Zwinger with its diverse collections, the residence of the Saxon ruling dynasty of Wettin, a huge complex in the Renaissance style, and that’s not all …! It is because of the beauty of the architectural ensemble of the Theater Square that Dresden received the name “Florence-on-Elbe”, along which there is the Bruhl terrace! Dresden & # 8212; It is a wide Elbe, this is Saxon cuisine with its satiety and abundance, fine Saxon wine and such a funny Saxon dialect.
Free time is recommended:
Enjoy the beauty of the Dresden Picture Gallery (18 � + in.
to travel to Saxon Switzerland “The Enchantment of the Elbe” (38 � / 30 �). There is no point of admiration … where Elba cuts through the high mountains from the sandstone, forming a deep canyon, and the sheer rocks of the most bizarre forms resemble the giant’s toys: skittles, pillars and pyramids & # 8230; First visit the rocky park “Bastai” & # 8212; a whole labyrinth of romantic canyons, the beauty of which can be enjoyed endlessly, passing paths, bridges … an unforgettable experience. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in the territory of Germany.
Amsterdam & # 8212; Zaanse Schans & # 8212; Volendam.
Breakfast. Gain from the hotel. Arriving in Amsterdam – a jewel in the crown of the Dutch kings!
City tour & # 8212; “Treasures of the past and the present” & # 8212; old “curved” buildings, cobbled streets, countless canals, embankments that are 3 meters below the ocean level, magnificent parks and floating flower markets create a special atmosphere. Dam Square and the Royal Palace, the Rijksmuseum and the famous Rembrandt House, the Jewish Quarter and the diamond factory, the heiress of jewelry traditions & # 8212; All this beauty is doubled by a mirror of water, the magic reflection of which you can admire endlessly! We recommend: a walk through the picturesque canals “Amstel’s Labyrinths” (16�).
The locals say, “Who did not see the province?” he did not see Holland “! We invite “By” the outskirts & # 187; Holland �! (38 � / 30 �) .Folklornaya village of windmills & # 8212; Zaanse Schans and fishing village – Volendam & # 8212; these are the two pearls of North Holland. Zaanse Schans will take us to Holland of the 17th century. Five ancient mills adorn the bank of the river Zaan, with which local people, like their ancestors, many years ago, saw boards, shoot down butter, produce the famous Zaan mustard. Mills in the Netherlands & # 8212; that’s life! Also, let’s see how in solid green country houses solid Dutch cheese is made. At the factory of national shoes, we will see how the master skillfully cuts out the wooden shoes & # 8212; clobs, in which the Dutch are still walking. Continue to get acquainted with the medieval Holland small fishing village – Volendam & # 8212; a charming combination of the history and beauty of local landscapes.
Evening excursion “Under the light of red lanterns …” (18� & # 8212; only for adults) & # 8212; walk on the most beautiful part of the old city: the former port. We will go through the most curious and hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists the area of Red Lanterns, learn about the mysteries of the life of their inhabitants!
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.
Brussels & # 8212; Gent & # 8212; Keukenhof.
Breakfast. We recommend photopause in the park of flower magnificence & # 8212; “Keukenhof” (18 � + entrance ticket) & # 8212; one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is hardly possible to convey in words all the beauty that opens: the alleys of old sprawling lindens, brooks and picturesque ponds, on the surface of which Swans slither, the murmur of fountains, the continuous singing of birds and, of course, the flowers. Flowers are everywhere & # 8212; on flower beds, in pavilions and greenhouses, and even on the surrounding fields of the park. And all & # 8212; Still it is impossible to convey this in words, it is necessary to see, sensibly, to breathe in the scent of intoxicating flowers and take with you even a small part of this fantastic flower extravaganza! (in the program of the tour in the period from 23.03.18 to 21.05.18)
Moving to the city on seven hills, built in the shape of a heart, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium & # 8212; Brussels (18� / 10�). Excursion “History of Beauty & # 8212; Brussels �& # 8212; a story that has been going on for centuries. The symphony of jubilant splendor reigns in the area of the European Parliament with spacious parks and streets, in the square near the royal palace, in the Town Hall, and also in the most beautiful square in Europe. Grand Plats. In the afternoon the square reminds the theater of the flower market, and in the evening – a play of beautiful love and admiration! We will get acquainted with the history of the past and the present famous Palace of Justice, which is the most grandiose building in Europe, the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and most importantly, we can feel the good-natured and cheerful character of the Belgians, not without reason one of the symbols of this city is the famous bronze sculpture. fountain “Mannequin Pieces” …
excursion “Magic and romance of Brussels” (21 � / 16 �). During the tour we will see one of the most striking attractions of Gothic architecture and country painting & # 8212; Brussels Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula, we will walk through the Brussels park, the royal square, the square of do Sablon, (the square of 48 crafts.), As well as the royal palace, the official residence of the Belgian monarch. In the end we will plunge into the history of the past and the present famous Palace of Justice, which is the most grandiose building in Europe, and enjoy the unrivaled panorama of Brussels.
“The pearl of Belgium & # 8212; Gent �(28 � / 23 �)! We are waiting for the magnificent Flemish town of Ghent, which impresses with its luxurious decoration: the Baffroy tower, 90 meters high, with the bell “Klokke Roland”, the mighty Town Hall in the style of flowery Gothic, the royal palace of Sint-Jorishof, the famous Cathedral of St. Bavon, which houses the enigmatic Ghent altar & # 8212; “Mystical Lamb”. The atmosphere of antiquity and mystery does not leave this city, as if waiting for a miracle … Moving to France, to the city of infinite admiration & # 8212; Paris, a city that you can not forget … only once in it …
Overnight in France.
Breakfast. Sightseeing tour “The magic of Paris!”. Paris becomes native at first sight, from the first step along its worn pavement. Parisian walks lead to the past, in memory of the heart, in the hidden corners of the soul. All that we know from the chic French films and books, everything suddenly comes alive and fills the heart with awe! Francoise Sagan, Coco Chanel, Joe Dassin, Brigitte Bardot & # 8230; The city everywhere hanging flags of other people’s memories, fleeting recognition and flickering of feelings …
Free time. There is an opportunity to visit at your choice:
� world of art & # 8212; the world of geniuses, who left great masterpieces as gifts to mankind – “The art of beauty”. Louvre “(26 � + �� ticket) – one of the richest museums in the world. Here you can watch for hours the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Titian and Raphael …. Mona Lisa, Goddess Nika, Venus of Milo ….
� In order to experience the aura of Paris, we recommend a boat trip along the Seine (optional) .. Enamored couples, flocks of pigeons, graceful dances to the sounds of street orchestras & # 8212; aura of love around and in everything. And it’s wonderful!
� walking tour “Magic Heart of Paris & # 187; (� 21 / � 16). We are waiting for a fascinating journey through the most picturesque places in Paris. The tour starts from the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, a witness of the legendary events of French history. Further we will walk along the most amazing corner of Paris – the Marais quarter. Narrow streets, almost intact for centuries, will help us make a journey in time, where we are waiting for the castle of Queen Margo, Chatelet Square and the Sanjak Tower. Finish our tour in the square of all lovers, you can say the main square of the famous Latin Quarter.
Who did not climb the Montmartre hill, he does not know Paris! “Excursion” Montmartre … from art to romance! “(18 � / 13 �). The most famous hill of Paris, crowned with a crown & # 8212; Secret Ker. This place of birth of geniuses, here created outstanding people of Paris. The life of Montmartre continues to be a key, the Place du Tertre with hundreds of easels greets all visitors. Here you can buy and take with you a small piece of Paris, imprinted on canvas. There is no place more attractive and exciting …
Evening program “Night Paris lights” (26 � / 21 �), during which we will enjoy the beauty of Paris in the evening dress … We will be conquered and admired: the majestic Triumphal Arch, the magic of the Mirabeau bridge, the Champs de Mars, the incomparable Champs Elysees and the Trocadero viewing area, La De Fans, in the end of the tour fascinates us an unsurpassed beauty – the flickering Eiffel Tower. Overnight in France.
Disneyland & # 8212; Normandy & # 8212; Versailles.
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Free time in Paris. Travel around the city by public transport (tickets for transport are paid additionally). Recommended visit:
� the residence of the kings – Versailles. Excursion “Greatness and luxury & # 8212; unique Versailles “(30 � + entrance ticket). We invite you to the feast of splendor, to the kingdom of balls, audiences, feasts and theatrical performances. Versailles is a symbol of the power of the King of the Sun and the face of France. Here everything is grand: a huge park, countless statues and pools, endless park lanes …. “… The world looks at Versailles with trembling, the world kneels before its beauty. And maybe everything that Louis did was not in vain, because otherwise we would never have seen paradise on earth … ”
� “The Pearl of the Loire – Orleans” (30 � / 23 �). “Between heaven and Loire” is the motto of Orleans, the capital of the French department of Loiret of the central region of France. After all, on the tourist emblem of Orleans, two curved blue forks (one – the vault of heaven, the other – the smooth surface of the river) embrace the silhouette of the historic buildings of the city, drowning in the green circles of the Orleans forests. The city is famous primarily for the Orleans virgin & # 8212; Joan of Arc, who, after months of siege, liberated him in a matter of days, also known for his cathedral of Saint Croix (Holy Cross), Royal Street and … but about it already during the tour.
� Wonderland & # 8212; Disneyland (26 � + entrance ticket). The magical world of Disney opens its doors to us and, crossing its threshold – we become heroes of amazing adventures. Here, not only children are welcome, but adults as well, because Disneyland & # 8212; This is the Country of eternal vacation, where music never ceases, the feast does not fade, and the merriment does not run out …
� “Sentimental Normandy” (68 � / 48 �). This lovely lady has a changeable and contradictory “portrait.” We will be able to visit the shores of a warm pearl sea, where stunningly beautiful cliffs of the coast are replaced by luxurious sandy beaches and picturesque port towns … Ancient Rouen is the largest Norman city. Here in the Palace of Justice judged the legendary Joan of Arc. We are waiting for an excursion around the city, after which we will hasten to Deauville # 8212; to the owner of the sea coast, to the city – a gift & # 187; tired of the bustle of vanities aristocracy. And at the end & # 8212; Ancient and hardworking Trouville & # 8212; an ancient fishing village on the shore of the English Channel … Normandy will not leave us indifferent … Moving to Germany. Overnight in Germany.
Wurzburg & # 8212; Rottenburg.
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Today we will visit the ancient Wurzburg (16�) & # 8212; homeland of Franconian wine. Excursion “Romantic road of castles” & # 8212; narrow streets with pointed houses, will lead us from the Town Hall and the Cathedral of St. Kliment to the residence of the Wurzberg bishops, which in its beauty is not inferior to Schonbrun and Versailles. Everywhere the atmosphere of harmony and serenity reigns … We recommend a free time to travel through the German history, through the Tauber Valley to Rothenburg, which is called the heart of the “Romantic Way of Germany” (38 � / 28 �). An unusually beautiful and cozy city, like the fairy tales of brothers Grimm. Powerful medieval bastions, drowning today in greenery and flowers, the City Hall, charming, like a toy, houses. Here is the biggest in the world store and the Christmas toys museum, it works all year round – and we will certainly dive into it in the atmosphere of childhood and fairy tales … Everything is unusual here – and therefore in the cafe guests are served a traditional dish of Rotenburgers – sweet snowballs.
Night moving to Lviv.
Lviv & # 8212; Krakow.
Breakfast stop (optional extra).
On the way, if there is time, we recommend visiting Krakow (16�). Excursion “The Royal Way” & # 8212; The way in which Polish kings passed through the centuries: the site of the plexus of legends & # 8230; The oldest part of the city is the Market Square, one of the oldest universities in Europe – the Jaggelon University, the medieval trading center – the shopping arcade of the Cloth Hall, where we can buy souvenirs in memory of the minutes spent here …
Return to Ukraine. Border crossing.
Time of arrival in Lviv is approximately 17:00 (depends on the passage of the border).
Place of arrival in Lviv & # 8212; Complex Terminal A. 18:00 Transfer to the railway station. railway station. Until next time!