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Extension of visas in the Czech Republic – Subsistence minimum:
Living wage.
The subsistence minimum is the minimum recognized by the society level of income to provide food and other basic personal needs.
The amount of the subsistence minimum differs for the following categories of persons:
& # 8226; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & # 160; & lt; / RTI & gt; for the second and next person in the family (who is not an unsecured child),
The subsistence minimum is the sum of the subsistence minimums of individual family members.
The physiological minimum is the boundary of money that is considered necessary to provide food and other basic personal needs at a level that allows them to survive. The physiological minimum can not be applied to an unsecured child, a retiree in old age, a completely disabled person and a person over the age of 65.
The subsistence and physiological minimums do not include the necessary housing costs. Protection in the field of housing is provided in the system of state social assistance in the form of a housing allowance and in the system of assistance for material poverty in the form of co-payment for housing.
For information (amounts are periodically reviewed), we present the amounts of living and physiological minimums in Czech crowns for the month specified in law No. 110/2006 Coll. laws, “On the subsistence and physiological minimum”:
The amount of the subsistence minimum from 1.1.2007 in Czech crowns per month for a single person is 3126 CZK.
– for the first member of the family 2880 CZK.
– for the second and the following family members who are not an unsecured child of 2600 CZK.