Domestic celebrities in emigration (50 photos)
The ballet dancer was expected to have a great career in the Bolshoi Theater, however, in 1979, during the Bolshoi tour in New York, Godunov asked for political asylum.
In the USA, Godunov danced with M. Baryshnikov at the American Ballet Theater. However, after a scandal with him in 1982, left the theater.
For some time he performed with his own troupe. As a guest star, he toured extensively in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Israel, Europe, Japan.
Having married a Hollywood actress J. Bisset, he tried himself in the cinema. Among the roles in the films: the farmer-amish in the film “The Witness” (1985), the expressive conductor of the orchestra in the film “The Debt Pit” (1986).
May 18, 1995 friends Godunov sounded the alarm because of the lack of phone calls from him. In the house of Godunov on Shoreham Towers (West Hollywood, California) was sent to a nurse who found him dead. He was 45 years old.
According to doctors, death was caused by complications of hepatitis, caused by chronic alcoholism. Godunov’s ashes are scattered over the Pacific Ocean.
Perhaps the most famous of the Russian emigrants. At the time of the escape, Shalyapin was the artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater and the first in the USSR to deserve the title of People’s Artist of the Republic.
Since 1922, the artist has performed on tours abroad, particularly in the United States, where his American impresario was Solomon Yurok. The singer left with his second wife – Maria Valentinovna.
In 1927, Shalyapin was deprived of the citizenship of the USSR and removed the title. At the end of the summer of 1932, the actor starred in the movie, starring George Pabst’s “The Adventures of Don Quixote” based on the novel of the same name by Cervantes. The film was shot immediately in two languages – English and French, with two casts of actors.
In 1935-1936, Chaliapin, along with the accompanist Georges de Godzinsky, went on his last tour to the Far East, where he gave 57 concerts in Manchuria, China and Japan.
In the spring of 1937, Shalyapin was found leukemia, on April 12, 1938, he died in Paris at the hands of his wife. The actor was buried in the Paris cemetery Batignolles. In 1984, his son, Fyodor Fyodorovich, allowed the transfer of the ashes of the singer from France to Russia.
Abroad, “the most famous clown of the world” emigrated from the USSR in 1991 from despair, when the pensions were no longer sufficient even for food.
Now Popov lives in a village near Nuremberg, works in the “Great Russian Circus” under the pseudonym “Happy Hans”.
At the age of 62, the clown married the 30-year-old German Gabrielle Lehmann: in 1990, the future beloved Popov came from Germany to Austria for his performance, approached for autograph, and he asked her for a phone. Two years later the couple got married.
“Gaby has learned Russian with my help, so we talk at home on our” mighty “one, but when I go to the bazaar I take a dictionary with me.” In short, I will not be hungry, if I have to, I’ll explain on the fingers, “says Popov, who recently turned 86 years old.
The singer of Soviet hits “The Sound of the January Blizzard”, “Love Ring”, “The Adventures of Pinocchio” has been living in the US since 1979.
She left the USSR because of her ethnicity. “Then there was an unspoken order from above: to remove all Jews from the stage.” In general, persecution started on me. “My songs stopped spinning on TV and radio,” she recalls.
“The first time in the US was not easy for us, because we went to nowhere.” My husband worked on wear and tear so that we could survive and give everything the son needed. “I started writing my songs. I found money and released a CD” Moscow-New York “. it is not easy for us now, but there can be no talk of returning to our homeland, “Nina said.
The star of Soviet cinema at the age of 44 in the “dashing” 90’s moved to America.
Now Elena teaches acting skills, works on Russian radio in New Jersey, for some time she conducted the author’s program “Kulisy”. She created a children’s creative studio “Etude” for children from Russian-speaking families.
Periodically plays in American cinema. At home after the emigration was only a few times.
In the States, Elena starred in several short films, as well as in two films directed by James Gray, “The hosts of the night,” starring such stars as Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes, and “Fatal Passion.”
“It was easier to adapt to me here, because I did not have to make a living – my husband Yura, who is currently working in the picture gallery, was doing this, the main thing is that I always had a house, and this is the salvation from any depressions and adversities … But all the same this country is alien to me, probably it will be for my grandchildren only, “she says.
The blue-eyed heartthrob who broke no one ten hearts of Soviet spectators, Maurice Gerald from the film “The Horseman without a Head”, has been living in Malibu for 28 years.
For a while, Oleg and his wife were busy re-releasing the Soviet cartoons, then by voice-over. The actor opened both a freight forwarding company and a drug store.
“I did not go to America to be an actor. When I came here, I clearly understood that English was a very difficult language. I was sure that I could never speak as quickly and accurately as a local. Therefore, nothing more than a kind from America and did not expect. He is alive, full and thanks for that, “- he says now.
At the same time, the US actor is infinitely grateful, since the relocation saved his life. “The local doctors found a benign tumor of the pituitary gland in me … If I stayed in the Union, I would die because we did not have the necessary operations.” In the US it was an ordinary operation. “Otherwise, I never got used to this country. Yes, I have a local passport, citizenship, a pension of $ 600, but in my heart I remained Russian, “Vidov shares.
The actor from the movie “Big Change” made in the United States, indeed, a successful career in film, which is rare for such cases.
He starred in 70 films, where his partners were such stars as Sean Connery, Hellen Mirren and others.
Baskin had been friends with Savely Kramarov for many years, at his invitation, in the early 1980s he left for the United States.
At first Ilya worked in a restaurant, then in an insurance company, published a Russian-language newspaper “Panorama”.
“The actors here are happy people.You do not search for work yourself, an agent finds it, it beats its head against the wall in order to get you a role, and, of course, receives commission. When you get to the site, the trade unions take care of you, if you work harder, you are paid extra “, – says Baskin.
The departure of the actor to Canada caused a rather stormy reaction in Russia, although the actor himself was not going to make of this big event.
Together with his family, and with his wife Maria he brings up the daughter of Darya and the sons of Stepan and Danilo, Serebryakov in 2012 emigrated to Canada.
“I have moved my family to Canada, I want my children to grow up and be brought up in a fundamentally different ideology of everyday life, I want them to understand that knowledge, diligence can be valued, that they do not have to push their elbows, be rude, be aggressive and be afraid of people … Unfortunately, here, no matter how I guard or isolate them, you can not protect me from rudeness and aggression, it’s in the air. “Ham won,” he commented.
The Serebryakov family has chosen a cozy townhouse in Toronto for living and is now quite successfully living in a new environment. As the actor says, his wife fully supported his idea of leaving for the sake of future children.
But to say that the actor still “burned all the bridges” is not necessary, since shooting in domestic paintings, no one has canceled. Since then, as he moved to Canada, the actor starred in several quite successful film projects of Russian filmmakers.
The actress is known for the role of Lyudka – the eldest daughter of the heroes of the painting “Love and Doves”.
Now Yanina Lisovskaya is a German citizen, she has lived with her husband, Wolf List for more than 15 years, in Germany.
Yanina, unlike many colleagues, left Russia not for political or career reasons, but simply fell in love with a German actor and left for him.
Then, in Moscow Lisovskaya had a successful career in the theater, but she had to sacrifice her work. Having learned the German language, Yana managed to find work not only in the main specialty, but mastered related professions, becoming a dramatist-director and teacher of acting.
During this time, she starred in the German films “Tattors: Traces of War,” “Living at the Rhine,” “Landing on the Moon,” “Rendezvous,” “Swallow’s Nest.”
Now the actress is happy in marriage and brings up daughter Vasilisa.
In 1991 Jeanne moved to Los Angeles and worked as a singer in the restaurant “Black Sea”. However, not getting along with the character with the owner, was forced to leave.
It is known that Aguzarova worked in the US as a DJ and even a driver in the International Celebrity Center. Soon Aguzarova became interested in producer Brian Eno, who worked with the U2 band. True, the cooperation between the singer and the producer never took place.
The press was actively rumored that it happened for private reasons, but Aguzarova does not comment on this story. In 1996, Aguzarova returned to Moscow and continued to work at home.
After starring in episodic roles in several Russian films, in 1999 Nevsky moved to Los Angeles.
In America, Alexander studied the language at the University of California and in vain did not lose time: played an episodic role in the action movie Walter Hill “No discussion”, then – in the thriller “Red Snake”.
Soon Jean-Claude Van Damme offered Nevsky the role of a bandit from Odessa in his film. And Alexander … refused, although the financial situation left much to be desired, since he did not want to be attached to him the image of a Russian villain.
By 2008, there were six films in the piggy bank of the “Russian Schwarzenegger”. Today, Alexander Nevsky lives in Los Angeles, but has Russian citizenship and often comes to his homeland, in particular, in order to continue his work.