Documents for repatriation to Israel.
by admin & midd; Published Decanter 28, 2017? Updated on the 30th, 2017.
Consider the situation, about documents for repatriation to Israel, which is connected with personal experience. Arriving for the first time to the consular check, the purpose was to find out whether all the documents are for departure. I wanted to learn everything from the first mouth. About stay in the consulate, see here. In an official marriage with her husband were only six months. I knew that I had to go through at least a year, but it was not very frustrating.
Documents for repatriation to Israel, which are required in the consulate.
At once I will write, that was from the documents connecting me with the grandfather. He was a grandfather, his father was a Ukrainian. There was not a single document where their photographs would be. My father died a long time ago. So about the documents:
birth certificate (original) papino birth certificate (drawing) papino death certificate (original) death certificate grandfather (hatch) grandfather’s birth certificate (archival certificate from Belarus)
And secondary documents for repatriation to Israel, which could help. There were very few original documents. At the first check, the consul said that it was necessary to bring more documents. I can not remember which papers they demanded.
The fact is that the consul trusts only the documents that were issued in the Soviet Union. The reasons for this are weighty. For example, do you remember that someone in the USSR decided to buy a nationality as a Jew? I do not know such cases. On the contrary, people concealed their roots. Now being a Jew is popular, and corruption is highly developed.
I was looking for documents.
The problem arose from the lack of a birth certificate for the pope. The Consul wanted to see the chain of kinship. Do not trust outsiders. And then it began! They had to contact the archives of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
About three years did not stop looking for new evidence. The embassy constantly said something to bring. There was no one to tell. I looked at blogs and groups. At all different situations and to find similar to the could not. I went through logical thinking. While submitting requests to the archives, and getting the answers, she immediately went to the consul, but the answer was the same. Insufficient evidence.
Requests were made from the Zags, the Military Committee, etc. All this is paid. Although then I realized that I can do the requests myself for free. You can write by e-mail or send a letter by mail. The answer comes for the same time. Where did I go to:
Zhek, where the grandfather and father of the Russian archives were registered to confirm that the grandfather had passed the war and the pope served in Russia for the personnel departments where the grandfather and father worked (where one can take personal files on which there are photographs) the institution where the pope studied dealing with a photo and a student’s record book) appealed to five lawyers who said that they did not know the topic of Jewry and repatriation.
It is good that in the times of the Union all the documents were written with nationality.
A document that is not always realistic to take.
The consul last time said that it was necessary to bring a copy from the book of records about the birth of his father. It would seem, well, that here is complicated. I realized that this was a dead end. Take such a copy of the deceased person in the registry office for 75 years (from the date of birth) under the law of Ukraine, Russia (there is still more time here), and Belarus is impossible. After 75 years the copy can be easily taken in the archive. What only did not try to do. Everything was in vain. No methods helped to get a simple copy of the document. I realized that the last hope is to sue him to get it.
A lot of people have faced this problem lately. About how she sued, and what happened next, I’ll write in my next article. If you are determined to leave for Israel, do not give up after the first refusal. Especially knowing that you have all the rights to repatriation!
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Documents for repatriation to Israel.
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I read it with great interest. My mother is Jewish, but at 10 she got into an orphanage, parents died of typhus on the road. In the orphanage of Poltava she was recorded Russian. I wrote to Poltava, but my mother was there around 1922 and they have nothing. War. So I finished. I was not looking for an exit, for myself.
Irina, I began my search for the embassy, but in time, from the archives of Russia, I began to learn very interesting facts about my grandfather. None of my family knew exactly where he fought and what he went through. I want the children to know about that terrible war. There were no photos of my grandfather. Now there are photos. I think that your quest should start from the place where parents lived and registered their marriage. Sometimes it seems that everything is deadlocked, but then there are such documents that you could not even think of.
In general, the nightmare that you experienced. Well, what did eventually end or not end yet? And one moment. Heard that the relationship of the Jews on the female line? Oh, not a relationship. Well, you understood me)
Oksana, this epic is not over yet! I’m waiting for the second court session at the end of December. This is the first reason for creating a blog. I want to help people, so they do not lose time and a lot of money! The problem is to take the document for a father. Indeed, a man is considered a Jew by women’s lines. But the law on return gives the right to travel to the third generation and the male line.
Bureaucracy is everywhere, papers are there, papers here I want you to quickly collect and complete this hell.
Yana, thank you very much! As all will end, I will describe in the article.
Yana, thank you! Yes, it’s horrible! Torture people!
Thanks for the detailed description of the problem with the documents!
Thank you! I’m glad if I helped!
I’d like to help people who do not know where to turn. Thank you!
And if my mother received permanent residence in Israel, how long have I, as her daughter, been able to visit her?
This question should be clarified to your mother in the consulate or in the Jewish Agency. The question is good, thank you!
Thank you, it’s interesting to read, although it’s not useful. Waiting for the continuation & # 8230;
Thank you. Continuation will definitely be!
I have a Jewish father. Mom did not marry him and he did not live with us. When I was born, she wrote down her father’s name in the count, his name and patronymic, and his nationality. In 1992, he left for the USA for permanent residence, and 4 years later he died, do I have a chance to prove that I am Jewish, on the father?
Angelica, I think there is a chance, but this may not be a fast process. Your mother left some documents, photos, etc. at the Pope? And find out or the father had documented the nationality of the Jew. In the US, did someone else stay with him?
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