Documents for obtaining a visa to Finland.
You have a residence permit in the North-West District of the Russian Federation.
You need the following documents:
Filled out and signed application form Foreign passport Photo & ndash; 1 PC. Copy of civil passport (1 pc.) Insurance medical policy for travelers abroad (original + copy)
Requirements for the above documents.
The validity of your passport must be at least 3 months from the date of expiration of the visa. If a visa is issued in a new passport, then the old passport must also be brought with you.
The photo.
color photograph of the passport format, on which you can identify the person; the prescription of the photo is not more than six months, the size of the photo is 47 x 36 mm; background color should be monochrome, light gray; the photo should be clear, the position of the head is full-face (the face is straight); The facial expression must be neutral, the eyes are open, the sight is aimed directly at the lens.
The insurance policy must cover the entire validity period of the requested visa and the entire territory of the Schengen agreement.
The policy must have an insurance amount limit of at least 30,000 euros. He must also cover expenses in emergency cases, during illnesses or accidents, include the cost of medical repatriation to the place of permanent residence of the insured person or posthumous repatriation.
Documents for a child under 18 years of age.
A separate visa application Birth certificate (copy and original) Notarized consent from the parents (if the child is traveling alone) / the second parent (if the child is traveling with one of the parents) / guardian.
The validity period of a certified consent shall not exceed 1 year from the date of its issue.
Copies of the parents’ visas (if the child travels abroad with both parents)
For each child, entered in the passport of the parent, you need a separate application form and a separate visa. The visa is pasted into the passport in which the child is inscribed.
You have a temporary registration in St. Petersburg.
To obtain a visa, you must provide an official certificate from your place of work or study.
The certificate should include the details of the organization, the name of the applicant, information that the applicant is working in this organization up to the present day, the date of admission to the post. The certificate must be certified by the signature of the responsible person, as well as by the seal. The validity period of the certificate from the date of issue & ndash; 1 month.
A standard certificate from the institution that confirms that they are full-time students.
You are registered in another district of the Russian Federation.
Filled out and signed application form Foreign passport Photo & ndash; 1 PC. Insurance medical policy for travelers abroad (original + copy)
Plus to the standard package of documents, you should have:
A printed confirmation of the hotel reservation or a letter from an accredited travel agency. The list is on the embassy’s website. Invitation or contact information and the date of birth of the person who invited you (if you are visiting by invitation).
The requirements for these documents are the same as for citizens of the North-West Federal District.