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Comprehensive solution of questions on immigration in the US, registration of Green Card, US citizenship (filing a petition for naturalization), social adaptation in the US and other immigration services in the United States.
If you have a business in Russia, then you can open a branch of your company in the US, and subsequently obtain a residence permit in this country.
To manage an established branch in the US, you can obtain a L1 visa for yourself and an L2 visa for your family members. You can also change the nonimmigrant status to the L status, already in the US. Initially, the L-1 visa is issued for a period of one year, and in the future, if the established branch of your company works successfully, you can apply for an extension of the L-1 visa for another three years. Then you can apply for a Green Card. get permanent resident status in the USA.
Green Card through the US visa K1 is one of the fastest ways to get a green card. All that is required is to find the husband / wife of a US citizen, and the marriage must be real, not fictitious.
The process of collecting documents for a K1 visa and passing all the necessary producers in the consulate, the process is rather complicated. After receiving a K-1 visa and upon arrival in the US, you must marry within three months from the time you cross the border. After the marriage, a petition is submitted for obtaining the status of “conditional permanent resident”, and after another two years of marriage a petition is submitted for a permanent residence permit. At the same time, it is necessary to appear for an interview with both spouses, and if everything is in order at the interview, i.�. there will be no suspicions that the marriage is fictitious, you will get the status of permanent resident of the USA (Green Card).
Green Card through a working visa H1B assumes the existence of an employer who will be ready to file a petition to grant you a residence permit.
If a person comes to work in the United States on a working H1B visa and works well, then after some time an American employer may wish that this employee does not leave home after the expiry of the H1B visa, but stayed in the United States for permanent residence and continued he has to work. In this case, the American employer can sponsor his employee and file a petition for the granting of permanent resident status to the US (Green Card). After successful completion of all necessary procedures, the employee receives a Green Card, and can reside in the United States on an ongoing basis. His family also gets the right to live permanently in the United States.
Green Card in the US through obtaining refugee status (political asylum in the US), allows you to quickly get a residence permit in this country.
Green Card through political asylum suggests that in the country of your permanent residence there is a real danger to your life and health. And also there are facts of your prosecution on any grounds (religious, political, racial, because of gender, sexual orientation, etc.). These facts must be real, and in no case not fictitious, otherwise, the application for a residence permit will be rejected, and the person who provided knowingly false information will be deported from the US with a ban on entry to that country.
Diversification lottery – is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to get Green Card.
If you decide to go this way by immigrating to the US, then you need to fill out a questionnaire for participating in the Green Card Lottery, and if you are lucky and you won the Green Card Lottery, you will need to go through several more procedures:
You will need to prove at an interview at the US Consulate that you:
– Have sufficient education or work experience;
– You have money for the first time for living in the USA;
– Have a job offer from an American employer (Job Offer).
Please contact us and we will help you – we will complete the registration form for the Green Card Lottery, prepare you for an interview at the consulate in case of winning the lottery, and help you with social adaptation in the USA after your arrival in this country. Call. Our Viber / WhatsApp +7 (930) 290 13 75.
According to the laws of the United States, if a child was born in the US, then he automatically becomes a citizen of this country. Therefore, if you give birth to a child in the United States, then automatically give the future child the opportunity to freely enter and leave, reside in America and enjoy all the rights of a US citizen.
It should be understood that the US citizenship of the child does not give the parents any benefits. Your child will be able to file a petition to reunite the family to call the parents in the US, only on the approach of majority – 21 years. Thus, the family in the US is not a solution to the problem of immigration for the parents of the child, this is the solution of this issue only for the child himself. Please contact us, we will help arrange visa and birth in America. Our Viber / WhatsApp +7 (930) 290 13 75.
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We offer our clients immigration programs in the US that work, namely:
– The program of rapid immigration in the US EB-1 – for scientists, researchers, cultural figures, art, business, journalism.
Get the Green Card task is quite complicated, but the EB-1 visa program allows talented people to immigrate quite quickly to the US and get a green card immediately after crossing the border.
The program of rapid immigration of EB-1:
– for athletes of international and national level (both active and completed career);
– for journalists, publicists and other public figures;
– for scientists and researchers;
– for cultural, art, fashion;
– for representatives of business, management, management.
– Accessibility of the program for all countries of the post-Soviet space.
– Operative processing of applications (preparation of documents and consideration by the Immigration Service takes 1-3 months)
– There is no need to search for an employer in the US, because Do not specify an official job offer (joboffer) when submitting a petition.
– Flexibility of criteria in assessing the applicant’s achievements.
There is an opinion that the program of rapid immigration EB-1 can only be used by Nobel laureates, world famous athletes, very famous figures of journalism and art & ndash; it is not so! Practice shows that the majority of people who are widely known in their professional circles, who have reached a sufficiently high level in their business and have gained enough popularity in them, fall under the terms of the EB-1 program (teachers, musicians, athletes, models, entrepreneurs, ).
Understand whether you are eligible for this immigration program is easy & ndash; You need to prove your abilities and achievements in your field according to the 3 or more criteria of these ten:
1. Presence of prizes or awards at the national or international level (festivals, nominations, prizes, championships, etc.).
2. Membership in an organization that unites people with outstanding abilities (scientific societies, clubs).
3. Personal participation as an expert in assessing the professional activities of others (jury, committee, commission).
4. Publications about you as a person with outstanding abilities (in the press or online publications).
5. Documentary evidence of your personal contribution to the development of a particular industry.
6. Author’s publications in academic, professional and other publications.
7. Presentation of your works and achievements at relevant exhibitions, business trainings, conferences.
8. Your income exceeds the average salary of people in the same area.
9. Work in a leadership position in an organization with a solid reputation.
10. Evidence of commercial achievements in your field.
Criteria can be supplemented and expanded. Your achievements and professionalism of our immigration lawyers will allow you to successfully immigrate to the United States under the EB-1 program.
– Program and Migration in the United States for the L-1 visa (immigration through opening a business in the US):
For the newly created American company.
– Opening of the company. Applying for an L-1 visa is 1-2 months.
– Obtaining a visa L-1, valid for 1 year – 3 months.
– Applying for a visa extension L-1 – 12-13 months.
– Applying for & ldquo; Green Card & rdquo; – 13-14 months.
– Obtaining approval of the application for & ldquo; Creen Card & rdquo; – 16 months.
– Receiving & ldquo; Green Card & rdquo; – 19-20 months.
For an American company that has been active for more than 1 year.
– Applying for an L-1 visa. Obtaining a visa L-1, valid for 3 years – 1-2 months.
– Applying for & ldquo; Green Card & rdquo; – 3-4 months.
– Obtaining approval of the application for & ldquo; Creen Card & rdquo; – 6 months.
– Receiving & ldquo; Green Card & rdquo; – 9-10 months.
The implementation of this program and the time limits depend, in the main, on the entrepreneurial activity of the candidate and the timely provision of all necessary documents to him.
How can you immigrate to the US? What options can you offer?
There are different ways of immigration to the United States, and in each case they are selected individually. Contact us and we together with you will choose which immigration path best suits you, and based on this we will prepare an immigration program for you. Our Viber / WhatsApp +7 (930) 290 13 75.
Is it true that Green Card can be won in the lottery?
Yes. Grenn Card (residence permit in the US) can be won in an annual diversification lottery. If you have a desire to participate in it, we can fill out a form for you to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Our Viber / WhatsApp +7 (930) 290 13 75.
Is there a free education in the US?
Yes, it is possible when receiving a grant for free education in the US.