Do you need a visa for Cuba to Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.
One of the favorite places for tourists to relax is Cuba. She attracts beautiful views of the sea. But to go on a trip to another country, you need a visa. Or it does not need to be formalized?
In this article, we will try to answer the question whether a visa is required for Cuba to Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians?
Visa to Cuba for Russians and Belarusians.
Even in this case, the tourist must have a minimum set of documents. If the tourist does not have any document, he will not be allowed to enter the border. So, what documents are needed for visa-free entry:
International passport. Many countries impose restrictions on the validity of the passport. Cuba does not make such demands. The main thing is that the passport should be valid during the rest period in the country. Air tickets. Must be booking a ticket from the country. The date must not exceed the permitted visa-free stay in the country. Documents on solvency. You can provide a bank statement. Medical insurance. This document is not required for travel. Migration card. Filled in two copies – one remains with the tourist, and the other is given to the passport control officer.
When entering the country, fees are not paid. But, you must pay for each flight. It is equal to 25 Cuban pesos. After payment, tourists are given holographic stickers.
Upon arrival in the country, Russian tourists should provide an already completed migration card. The language of the map is English. The migration card is entered in the personal data of the tourist, where he will live during the rest, as well as the city from which the flight was made. This document allows you to keep a record of all foreigners who come to the country without a visa. The migration visa must be retained until the end of the stay in the country.
You do not need to issue a visa for transit to a Russian tourist. To do this, you must have a standard set of documents and a completed migration card. The only difference is that the map indicates the place where the tourist flies.
In addition to visa-free stay on the island for 30 days, Russian tourists can extend their stay for the same period. It is enough to apply to the Immigration Service.
When should a Russian tourist apply for a visa?
Registration of a visa is necessary in the following cases:
You can issue a visa at the Cuban Embassy, having previously collected a package of documents:
Questionnaire. Valid passport with clean sheets. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Two photos. Tickets there and back. Invitation from the employer or hotel reservation. Insurance. Check on payment of state duty.
Visa to Cuba for Ukrainians.
Between Ukraine and Cuba there is no agreement on visa-free entry. Therefore, Ukrainians will have to issue a visa for travel to Cuba. You can do this at the Embassy of Cuba, which is located in Kiev or in the visa center. Time for registration – 7 days. If you need it urgently, you can do it for an additional fee, for one day.
The visa for Cuba is not stuck in the passport. This is a separate visa document, which is divided into two parts. Having arrived, the tourist leaves one part at checking, and another – at itself. This document must be preserved until the end of the tourist’s stay in the country.
What documents are required for processing a tourist visa:
Questionnaire. To be completed in English. International passport. Four photos. Ukrainian passport. Insurance. Reservation of hotel rooms and booking confirmation. Additional documents for business, business and business visas: an invitation from a Cuban employer. Additional documents for a guest or private visa: an invitation from a relative, a citizen of Cuba. Additional documents for pensioners: pension certificate.
Is it possible to obtain the citizenship of Cuba to a Russian citizen.
This is not an easy task. The simplest way is to obtain a residence permit or as it is called in Cuba – the status of a resident. It allows you to reside on the territory of the country, receive education, social benefits and enjoy free medical care. Receiving a residence does not oblige a citizen to serve in the ranks of the Cuban army.
The status of a resident is of two types:
Temporary. It is issued for 3 months. The basis is: study, work, treatment. The temporary status of the resident does not give the right to purchase real estate in Cuba or a car. Also you can not open your business in the country. Citizens who are in Cuba for more than 90 days are required to obtain the status of a temporary resident. Otherwise they must leave the country. Constant. Issued for an indefinite period. The grounds are for marriage or family ties. The status of a permanent resident of the country gives the right to buy real estate and cars. This status allows the citizen to conduct his own business in the country. A permanent residence is an analogue of a residence permit.
The most effective way of obtaining Cuban citizenship is marriage. Marriage or marriage gives the automatic right to obtain a residence permit. However, it can not be extended. Marriage with the Cuban allows you to engage in any legal activity on the territory of the state. In addition, the spouse will have all the rights of a native of the country.
But, it is necessary to note that the purchased real estate, land or car must be registered with a citizen of Cuba. If there is a divorce, then there is a risk of losing all the acquired property.
So, we considered the possibility of obtaining a visa for Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. Belarusians, like Russians, can not apply for a visa to enter Cuba. It is enough to have a standard set of documents and a migration card. But, the visa-free regime operates in the event that the purpose of the visit is tourism and recreation. In all other cases you will have to issue a visa.
For citizens of Ukraine there is no visa-free entry. That’s why they will have to make out a document even for a tourist trip.
Also disassembled the issue with permanent residence. To permanently reside in Cuba, it is necessary to formalize the status of a resident – temporary or permanent. It is the latter that gives the right to engage in legitimate activities in the territory of Cuba.