Do I need to apply for a visa to Serbia in 2018?
Do you think a visa is necessary for Serbia for Russians? It is known that a free visa-free visit to the territory of the state is allowed within 30 days. Do you need a tourist visa to Serbia in 2018? Yes, for a journey of 30 days or more is needed. Her receipt will be accompanied by a preliminary appeal to the Serbian consulate.
The monument to Karageorgia on the background of the Temple of St. Sava, Belgrade.
General information.
Even being a candidate for EU membership, the Balkan state is always open to everyone. A travel ticket for entry is not required for all categories of citizens. You can visit this amazing place at any time of the year, as there is always something to see here.
Tourists are attracted by local nature, real products, simple, sympathetic population. Local life is similar to life in Russia. Being from the former Yugoslavia, the local population is familiar with Russian writing and understands our speech well.
Who does not need a visa to Serbia?
Before any potential traveler, the issue of getting travel documents to the chosen state first of all arises. Many, especially during the peak season, try to choose such places for recreation, which can be visited with a minimum of papers and references.
Before our compatriots there is quite a reasonable question: is it necessary to have a visa to Serbia? A short-term trip to Serbia for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhstanis, as well as for residents of the Union Republics is allowed without permits for a period of 1-3 months, depending on the tourist’s citizenship. Thus, the former Yugoslav republic is on the list of visa-free countries for Belarusians, Russians and residents of other post-Soviet states.
For example, a visa-free regime for Russians or Ukrainians is valid for 30 days, and for Cubans – 90. At the same time, the period can be prolonged when the traveler has official powers or the status of a diplomat. The same applies to his family.
In the case when a trip to Serbia for Russians is planned for the purpose of visiting relatives, as a business or transit trip, it can also be carried out without a travel stamp. When crossing the border, it will be enough to show the ticket in the opposite direction and clarify the purpose of your visit. If the permissible period of stay in the territory of the Balkan state is violated, penalties will be imposed upon departure to the tourist.
To all the rest there is some nuance. The mutual visa-free agreement allows Russian citizens to visit the republic as many times as they like, without forgetting to leave the country every 30 days. This can be done by traveling to Macedonia or Montenegro. Those who want to stay here without any time restrictions should apply for a permanent residence permit.
Even after the country’s accession to the European Union, tourists will not need Schengen for some time to visit it. However, for citizens who have a Schengen stamp, or a visa of Britain or the United States, a visa-free regime also operates. They can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days every six months. It follows that if the Russian traveler has a Schengen mark, the period of his stay in the Balkan state can be increased from the first month to the third.
The conditions for the visa stay of Russians here in the current year will not change. Quite friendly relations between the countries help not only to travel freely, but also to establish economic ties.
When do I need admission?
Despite the possibility of free stay in the country, there are some moments that oblige tourists to acquire admission to enter. If the trip is for education or work in Serbia, the visa must be pre-registered. The same rule applies to travelers crossing the border with a business or guest visit.
This is how a visa to Serbia looks like.
Serbian consulate.
Persons who have reached the age of 18 may apply to this department for permission to enter. Such a rule is applicable to citizens of countries affected by consular jurisdiction, namely: the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. And all listed, except for Russians, must receive a travel document, despite the length of the planned trip.
Before you visit the embassy, you should contact his representatives by phone or e-mail to clarify the list of required papers and references. This information can also be found on Internet resources.
The website of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Russia,
Pay close attention to the time and days of the Consulate’s work. If the trip is planned for any holidays, it is better to get a ticket stamped in advance.
The Consular Section of the Serbian Embassy is closed on the following days:
1 and 2 January – the celebration of the New Year. January 7 – Christmas. February 15 and 16 – the Day of the Republika Srpska. Orthodox Great Friday is a holiday with a floating date, this year is celebrated on April 29. Orthodox Easter is a holiday with a floating date, this year is celebrated on May 1. May 1 and 2 – the Day of Spring and Labor is celebrated. November 11 – Day of truce.
The rest of the time the Consular Section accepts citizens on weekdays from 9 am to 13 pm.
Primary requirements.
A visa to Serbia for Russians is issued subject to certain conditions and the provision of the following documents:
The current passport. Actual entry stamp (if required). The presence of an extract from the bank or a certificate from the employer, confirming the financial solvency of the traveler. In calculation it is accepted to take the amount equal to 50 euros for the day of residence here. If an epidemic is fixed at the point of departure, the tourist must provide a medical certificate about the absence of the disease or about the vaccination performed. If an underage child travels with one of the parents or with trusted persons, you must present a certified permission from the second or both parents to this event, respectively. The original of the actual medical insurance, the limit of which is at least 20 thousand euros per person.
The Balkan state is an excellent variant of rest for the whole family, for the implementation of which it will be necessary to prepare in advance and provide the embassy with the necessary information.
The stamp is stamped for adult citizens.
The need to issue a treasured mark means that either a tourist visit is planned for more than 30 days, or a trip for an indefinite period for the purpose of training, employment. The decoration lasts up to 5 days.
The following information is required:
A valid foreign passport, which will remain valid for at least 3 months from the receipt of the stamp. Document from the inviting party. A certified letter from an individual, a letter from the organization, a certificate of payment for a tourist trip or the availability of a hotel reservation is suitable. Application form, pre-filled. The photo is 35/45 mm in size. Ticket in the opposite direction or a photocopy of the driver’s license (if the trip takes place by car). A document on the financial solvency of the traveler. A certificate from the employer with the indication of the amount of salary or an extract from the bank account is suitable. Original medical insurance. Receipt for payment of state duty (approximately 30 euros).
If the trip is transit, you will first need to provide a visa to enter the final state or prove your right to be there without it.
If the terms of the trip are not determined or the visa department employees have doubts, they can request additional information or conduct an interview. Any of the possible travel stamps can be prolonged for up to 3 months, the main thing is to prove the necessity of this.
Children’s entry.
Underage on a trip with parents will require:
International passport. Permission to travel from the second parent (if he does not go). A photocopy of the birth certificate. Help from the sponsor who pays for this event. Visa fees.
It is allowed to bring a pet with you, you just have to get a certificate from a veterinarian about the availability of the necessary vaccinations.
Having decided to visit this city, get a special permit. It is issued in Istanbul, in the Consulate General of the Republic. Before submitting documents, you need to specify the date and time of the receipt by e-mail.
Owners of Schengen can be here for up to 15 days without additional conditions. Other categories of citizens need:
Passport and its photocopy. Filled in English, Serbian or Albanian statement. Reservation of a hotel room. Ticket in the opposite direction. Medical insurance with a limit of 30 thousand euros per person. Statement from the bank. Car insurance. Visa fee (cost 40 euros).
Admission will be issued within 15 days.
Such a stamp is placed when visiting Kosovo.
Should I issue permission to visit the Balkan state? Of course, after all, to inspect this beautiful area is unlikely to be possible for the allowed period of free stay in the local territories.