Do I need a visa to Greece?
Continental Greece and its islands are among the most topical destinations among our tourists. Excellent resort infrastructure, beaches marked with a blue flag, hospitable attitude of local residents, high level of service – all this makes this tourist route attractive. In addition, a simple contribution to the selection of Greek resorts is made by an uncomplicated Schengen for Russians in Greece, which allows for a short time to obtain an entry permit.
The Greek city of Oia.
Visa features of the country.
The homeland of the Olympic Games is a member of the Schengen area, and therefore dictates certain rules, regulated by this unity. But despite the presence in this zone, it was the Greek authorities who were able to attract more tourists to their territories through a system of loyal visa relations. And to be precise due to consideration of documents. Among all the states of this consultation, only the former Hellas does not make the same amount of unrealistic demands, as does, for example, Switzerland or Denmark. In addition, the time for consideration of the application from the traveler is significantly reduced, and it is possible to obtain a passport with the Greek stamp in three days.
Among the basic requirements are the availability of air tickets, a booked hotel, travel documents and financial documents that confirm the solvency of a citizen, both for payment of a trip, and for finding directly on the mainland or island part. These are the so-called general Schengen conditions.
But Greece also has pleasant bonuses for holidaymakers – for example, visa-free stay, a lighter version, and a special Athos stamp. In addition, the Consulate of the Hellenic Republic is the record holder for the issuance of multiviews, and it is enough for a citizen to have only one trip in the past to the homeland of democracy or the Schengen in the current passport of another country. Such a variety of visa bonuses allows you to ask many tourists a legitimate question, Greece needs a visa or not. The answer is unequivocal – a visa is needed to Greece, and it will be Schengen, if the arrival is by flight. It’s another matter what kind of visa is needed for Greece for Russians if they plan to arrive on one of the Greek islands on a yacht as part of a combined tour or to come to the state for the purpose of work and training.
Ways of registration.
Until the introduction of new regulations in the entry legislation of the Schengen zone, a rather popular method of issuing entry permits for Russian citizens was to apply to visa centers and travel companies. The visit to the consulate seemed a very long and complicated procedure. At the same time people were not embarrassed by the price of the services of these organizations, which sometimes exceeds the official consular fee by a factor of 5.
Since September 14, 2015, the flow of such clients from travel agencies and specialized centers has decreased due to changes. Now the documentary requirements are not limited only to certificates, vouchers and tickets, it is necessary to pass a fingerprint check and be photographed on digital equipment. At first, tourists were forced to travel to the nearby city, where diplomatic missions are located, to hand over such claims. But soon there was an alternative, expressed in the mobile visa car-room, in which this procedure takes place.
Greece along with other countries of the Schengen requires fingerprints.
By the way, fingerprinting and digital photography take place only once every five years, so there is no need to do fingerprints on subsequent calls – all data is stored in the database.
Thus, today the visa for Greece for Russians can be made by:
travel agencies; visa services; official consulates, when the documents are surrendered and completed independently.
Site of the General Consulate of Greece in Moscow
In all cases, the question of how much a visa costs for Greece will have different answers, since the consulate sets a fixed price, and travel agencies and specialized centers take more from above for their services.
Types of Greek visas.
In order not to violate the terms of stay and European borders, resting in a country washed by six seas, it is necessary to decide in advance with the type of entry stamp. Due to certain bonuses for foreign tourists and our compatriots, a trip here may prove to be both visa-free and requiring the collection of a certain number of papers.
This is how a Greek visa looks.
Category A.
This option is considered optimal for those people who found themselves in the territory of one of the oldest civilizations for a short while. In another way, on the way to another direction an intermediate point for them is Greece – the Schengen transit represents this type. For such a stamp, you can not go beyond the air navigation zone, you can only move from one terminal to another, making a transfer to the flight. At the same time, luggage from the original point should be made up to the final destination, without getting it on the transport tape in the exit hall to the city. An important rule is the observance of the period of stay in the airport zone – no more than 24 hours.
A visa to Greece of this category is also transit, but it is given a greater preference than the previous one. This is due to the fact that it gives an opportunity to go outside the airport, having stayed in the country for up to 3 days. This is especially true for those travelers who have a significant time between flights, for which you can partially get acquainted with the city of arrival. This type is opened only in the case of following the Republic in a direction other than the Schengen area.
Category C.
Registration of a category C visa refers to a popular entry. It is issued to people who want to visit the country for tourism. The maximum period for which the visa is granted is # 8212; not more than 30 days. It allows you to travel to all regions.
Guest type.
The guest Schengen in Greece also belongs to category C and covers the same period as the tourist one, but differs from it in that it is issued for the purpose of visiting relatives. One of the important documents at its opening is an invitation from friends or relatives. In turn, the requirements for hotel reservation are considered optional.
Category D.
This national stamp has all the same advantages as ordinary Schengen. But unlike short-term one-off stamps, it can be issued for 3 months, half a year and even a year. Duration depends on the goals – training, family circumstances, work in Greece.
Such a stamp can appear in almost any person, even if he did not request it. This kind is given at the discretion of the consul, if there is a positive visa history. The minimum period that a traveler has to stay in the Greek Republic is 90 days, and there are no restrictions on the number of border crossings. The presence of category D marks can be an additional positive factor when considering an application for residence permit in Greece.
Visa to Athos.
It is allowed to come to Athos for a limited number of persons – professors, teachers, journalists and students of the following specialties:
So it looks like permission to visit Mount Athos.
To do this, citizens are required to provide a certificate from the institution, proving his occupation, as well as a national student card. Russian students and specialists, without such a document, can make a request to the Ministry of Education to grant permission for a trip to Athos. It is worth noting that the Athos visa is issued for a maximum of 4 days and only men can visit this place.
Visa-free entry.
In the high tourist season – from May to October – the Greek authorities make entry “indulgences” in the form of the absence of a stamp, provided that the island is arriving from the Turkish territory by sea. This will spread to the islands:
Rhodes Island & # 8212; one of the Greek territories, where you can get without a visa.
A key condition for obtaining such a bonus is the availability of a ticket to the ship in both directions and confirmation of the reservation of the room at the hotel of one of the islands. As a rule, such a route refers to combined tours, when rest in Turkey and on islands is captured. The fee is collected on the spot, the cost of which is 35 euros, while the day before the departure of the receiving Turkish company, copies of the passport and a photo of the traveler are sent to the island checkpoint to receive a single stamp upon arrival. The lighter version makes it possible to spend no more than 15 days on the island, and it is absolutely impossible to go to the continental part.
The amount of the consular fee.
Sometimes tourists, resorting to the services of travel agencies, are wondering how much it costs to make a visa to Greece without taking into account services. In rubles, this amount depends on the rate of national currencies, in the consulate of the country in Moscow, the official price tag for the service is 35 euros. You can not pay in European currency, only in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment. In this case, only cash is allowed, without the possibility of making a payment by a bank card.
Consular fee does not cover the following categories of citizens:
Close relatives of EU residents. Close relatives of Russian tourists who live in Greece. Students and schoolchildren who come for the purpose of training. Children under the age of six. Children under the age of 12 years who do not have their own foreign passport and go to the country as inscribed persons on their parents’ passport.
Visa centers set their prices, but on average, the services of these services exceed by 1.5-2 times the cost of the official fee, ie. approximately 28-30 euros for each application.
Travel agencies can set a tariff that exceeds the fee by 2-3 times, which is why getting a visa to Greece is considered to be the most profitable option from the economic point of view.
The Greek consulate differs not only in the facilitated list of documents and in the speed of issuing entry permits, but also with the minimum number of failures. Do not get the Schengen mark on the homeland of the Olympic Games can only be in case of unfair compliance with visa regulations, violation of the terms of travel or negative reputation at home (criminal record, lack of an official place of work). You can reapply for review not earlier than three months.