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___________________Special Resident Retiree’s Visa. SRRV______________________.
SRRV allows all its foreign retirees to live in the Philippines for as long as they want to retire. An SRRV visa holder can come from his country as often as he wishes and enjoy privileges, such as exemption from the ACR I-Card (Immigration Card Registration Certificate) at the Immigration Bureau; exemption from tax travel at Philippine airports, and exemption from permission to study or a student visa for dependent children – who intend to continue studying in the Philippines. They can also use once tax-free import of goods for the home, personal items, and much more.
The so-called retiree must be at least 35 years old to enjoy the benefits listed above.
You can choose one of the 4 variants of the SRRV visa:
2) SRRV CLASSIC – foreigners who decide to use their Visa for a deposit in US dollars in the amount of $ 036; 10,000 or & # 036; 20,000 (50 years and above) or (from 35 to 49 years) & # 036; 50,000 for the purchase of a condominium or for long term rental of houses or plots of land. Pensioner – 50 years and above – the required deposit to the bank is & # 036; 10,000.00 plus a monthly pension of US $ 036; 800 for one applicant and & # 036; 1000 per pair. With a deposit in & # 036; 20,000 pension is not required. & # 036; 360.00 Annual fee PRA (SPF) + spouse + if the number of dependents is more than two, then by # 036; For each dependent (up to 18 years)
3) SRRV COURTESY – for former Filipinos (35 years and above), as well as foreign citizens (50 years and above) who served in the Philippines as diplomats, ambassadors, employees, employees of international organizations. The deposit of the visa is & # 036; 1,500.
4) SRRV with a disability – for the patient (35 years and above) who have proven that they have a medical / clinical need for services. Under this option, you only need a Visa deposit of $ 036; 10,000.00, + monthly pension of not less than US $ 036; 1,500 and health insurance policy.