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Export of Capital. Ready Business. Control.
Bank guarantees, Money transfer, Withdrawal of money, Withdraw money, Real estate in USA. Investments Business in the USA, Immigration in the USA, Relocation, Ready-made companies in the USA, Principles of operation, Management.
Welcome to our Russian-language site.
We are a consulting and export-investment group.
Broker Business Audit. Management Team, for the acquired business in the US Development. Construction projects (video) from approvals, pit, zero cycle,
Turnkey construction, Sales or Management of a finished object. All necessary Licenses and working contacts in the City Halls of NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, SF.
territory of our Jurisdictions:
Miami whole Florida * Los Angeles, San Francisco all of California * New York, NYC, all New England.
Development. Implementation of major projects and the State. orders. Construction business in the USA.
Construction of Residential Property and Microdistricts (Video)
Construction of commercial real estate.
The average budget is from $ 10,000,000 USD to $ 500,000,000 USD.
Ready Business in the USA, permanent residence in the USA.
Profitable Ready-Made Businesses in the USA.
Budgets 450,000-25,000,000 at the age of 2-30 years of business operations,
Examples: Filling stations. (Video) Hotels (Video) Apartment Complexes. Shopping centers. (Video)
* Secure registration of property rights.
* Provision of a professional accountant in the United States.
We expect you in our offices we are located directly in the US and work without intermediaries.
Procedure – Development. Construction projects, Investment, State. Contracts:
Amount of required investment, Term of placement & ndash; project implementation, the final profit indicators.
2. Your arrival at one of our offices in the United States upon agreement.
The contract of non-disclosure of the parties. Proof of creditworthiness. Providing project details.
3. Exit to the start of the project. Terms at all stages depend on.
Procedure – Buying a Ready Business, permanent residence in the US:
2. Provide BCL. Conclude a consulting contract with our company,
The audit period for the acquired business is at least 15-25 days. To date, none of the brokers in the US does not audit more than checking and analyzing the documentation provided by the seller, which means that the person concerned.
6. Our lawyer registers your North American company,
6.1. we open bank business accounts in TOP50 PRIME BANK of U.S as a rule it’s 3-5 working days,
6.2. after which you are ready to acquire the business that we will provide after the search and audit,
7. Entry into the rights to the acquired Business and / or real estate you make out at least 15 days, through the state. Title Company of the Broker and Lawyer who check the legal purity of the transaction, the freedom of the acquired business from tax, debt and other liabilities. After paying the purchase price, you enter into the ownership right immediately.
8. If you decide to invite management from our group to the acquired business, we conclude a contract for a period of 1 year with the right to extend after the expiration of the specified period with a notification no later than 45 days before the specified period of validity.
We can offer Moving to the USA. A ready business or a major project including the State order in the US, depending on your capabilities and planned budget.
Permanent residence in the USA and Citizenship of U.S for you as the owner of business and your family.
Beautiful House or Quart,
Assistance in the organization of your children in higher schools, colleges and universities in the United States.
All you need to dial us, send a letter to the e-mail and tell the initial parameters of your intentions.
Operating procedure. Click to read (PDF):
Rest in the USA 2014-2015, in the autumn, in the winter, in the summer, in the spring. Resorts of the USA.