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“I dream of a Puritan sky,
Miserly lonely constellations,
It’s like Emerson’s in the sky.
Looks out from the cold Concorde,
And in our lands there is a surplus of stars.
And the man is a surplus. So many.
Dynasties of insects and birds,
Zvezdistyh jaguars, flexible snakes,
Growing and merging branches,
Leaf and coffee, drops and sand,
Pressing with every morning, complicating.
Its a thin and aimless labyrinth!
And suddenly any crushed ant.
Unrepeatable before the Creator who chose.
It is for the embodiment of scrupulous.
Laws that drive the whole world?
And if not, then the universe –
A continuous flaw and painful chaos.
All water mirrors and polishes,
All mirrors of inexhaustible dreams,
Corals, mosses, pearls and fish,
Turtle routes through the ages.
And fireflies only one sunset,
All generations of araucaria,
A chiseled font that will not erase.
Night from the page, all without exception.
Separate and mysterious, like me,
They are mixed here. I will not dare to withdraw.
From the world, neither Caligula nor leprosy. ”
Jorge Luis Borges.
“On the multiplicity of things.” From the book “The Gold of the Tigers”, translated by B. Dubin.
He was found in Italy. He knew for sure that they could not and should not find him. His Italian address and telephone number was unknown to anyone. Or almost no one, except for Edgar Weidemannis and Leonid Kruzhkov, who often helped him a lot in Moscow. But there was also a third person who not only knew where and how to find Drongo, but was also aware of his family life, which no one else should also know. Or almost no one.
“I’m sorry to have bothered you,” Drongo heard a familiar voice and frowned, realizing that only incredible events could have made the man call.
– Something happened? – he asked, it seems, in a normal voice, trying not to betray his concern.
“I think you guessed it.” I would like to meet with you urgently. How quickly can we do this?
“You know that I hate flying,” Drongo mumbled in his heart. “I’ll have to go to Rome, take a ticket for the first flight to Moscow, and before that I’ll explain to Jill why I decided to leave her and the children so suddenly.” It will be difficult for me to explain why. Could you tell me?
– Do not pretend. You all understood perfectly, “the interlocutor replied.” If I’m calling, it means it’s worth it. ” And, I think, you understand that it is urgent. By the way, you do not need to fly to Moscow yet. I forgot to say that I’m talking to you from Rome. So you just need to get behind the wheel of the car and come to the Italian capital. It seems from your home it is not so far away. Although I forgot that you do not like driving. Frankly speaking, the useless James Bond.
“I know that,” agreed Drongo, and felt that his mood had completely deteriorated. Is it really so bad that his companion had to fly to Rome himself?
“By the way, I’ve tied it up,” Drongo tried to joke, “and I promised myself never to meet with official intelligence agents.”
“Then consider me as your friend.” Can you devote one hour of your precious time to a friend?
“If only for an hour,” Drongo sighed.
– Did you say something? Asked the man on the other end of the line.
“You heard it.” Where should I go?
– Hotel Tiziano. It’s on the corso Vittorio Emmanuele.
– I know. Not reaching the Vatican. I’ll be there in two hours. By the way, there near the bridge there is a nice restaurant. We can go there. How do you feel about Italian cuisine?
“Do you want to know in advance if I have time to talk with you?” The companion understood. – The restaurant is normal. Time I have. Although not so much. I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel.
– Last question. You are alone? Or�
– Or. But you can not complex. You know my companion well. And he knows you. You worked together … By the way, you can demand a double fee.
“I see,” murmured Drongo, “you just hold my throat.” To respect myself, I must earn money and not sit on Jill’s neck. And you skillfully use this circumstance. And if I now put the phone and do not come anywhere?
– I will be very disappointed and today I will fly back to Moscow. But this is not the worst option.
“And what’s the worst?”
“If you come, you’ll hear from me why you are so urgently sought, but if you do not fly to Moscow after that, then I will not be able to fly back.” Either with you, or we both stay in Italy. And my companion, too, although I suspect it will not make him very happy.
“So I better not come?”
“No, better still come.” We meet in two hours at the Tiziano Hotel. Or “Titian”, so it is more correct in Russian.
Drongo removed the telephone. If his interlocutor decided on such a flight, it means that he was urged to come here urgently. In addition, he travels heavily using his wand. I wonder what kind of companion he was talking about? Still have to go to Rome. And you need to ask the driver Gil to take him to the same hotel. So, it seems, he has already started to go crazy – he forgot that in such cases one can not interfere with strangers. Correctly to do so: to call a taxi, to get to the center of Rome, there to change seats in another taxi – and already on it to approach the hotel “Titian”. Better yet, change the car twice. In this case, the driver Gil will not get a random bullet in the stomach when they decide to check how Drongo came to Rome. And no one will come here to clarify whether the driver told anyone about exactly where he drove the mistress’s husband.