Died Vladimir Shainsky & # 8212; biography, personal life (photo)
Composer Vladimir Shainsky.
Today, December 26, 2017 died the famous composer Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky, whose biography is full of music, and his person – is familiar to everyone from early childhood. The cause of death was stomach cancer, which cut short the life of the People’s Artist of the RSFSR.
Circumstances of death.
Vladimir Shainsky died at the age of 92, the cause of death was the progression of stomach cancer, which cut short the life and creative endeavors of the great music master, whose biography is full of incredible achievements and accomplishments.
Shainsky gained fame even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, where he was awarded the “Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.” Wishing to continue developing in his favorite profession, the Russian composer moved to the United States in 2007 for permanent residence. His goal was not only to continue his career, but also to cure stomach cancer, and the US medicine is considered one of the best. After a long treatment and surgery in 2008, the press reported that the cancer was defeated.
After another exacerbation of symptoms, Vladimir Yakovlevich tried to resuscitate. Emergency measures did not help and the famous composer died. Now the son of Shainsky Vyacheslav deals with all documentary nuances, passing through the necessary paperwork in San Diego. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to a great man from fans is unlikely to work. Most likely, the body will be buried in the United States of America.
Biography of the composer.
The future musician was born in 1925, in the winter, on December, 12th. His family lived in Kiev. The boy’s parents conducted a scientific career: the mother was a biologist, and her father was an engineer chemist. From the age of 10, the boy entered the Conservatory and began a 10-year course in violin lessons. But the circumstances changed when in 1941 the front approached dangerously to the city.
The Shain family was evacuated to Tashkent. But the change of residence did not affect the love of music. Until the age of majority Vladimir continued to study at the local conservatory. In 1943 he was drafted into the army. It was the post of communication in Central Asia that became the place where the first creations of the future composer were written.
In the photo Vladimir Shainsky in his youth.
After the war, Shainsky continued his musical education. He chose the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky and the direction of the orchestra faculty. After receiving the diploma, the young musician did not remain without work:
1949 – 1952 gg. Vladimir Yakovlevich began his practice under the leadership of Leonid Utyosov. 1952 – 1954 A short break in orchestral work Shainsky filled in the music school. These 2 years he taught children to play the violin. 1954 – 1962 Continuing to build his career, Vladimir Yakovlevich undertook any work. For 8 years he visited the musical director of musical orchestras, and the composer and orchestrator. But it was the composition of music that carried the musician. 1962 – 1965 Vladimir Shainsky realized that he simply did not have enough knowledge and in those years received a second higher education in Baku. In the local conservatory named after Hajibeyov, he studied compositional art at KAKarayev.
The next 35 years, the famous Shainsky lived and worked in the capital. It was in Moscow that the numerous works of the composer were written. Most of all, people remember the melodies from their favorite childhood cartoons: Antoshka, Cheburashka, Little Raccoon, 38 parrots, Tray! Hello”. But this creativity of the great musician is not limited. In his asset:
children’s opera and several musicals; more than three hundred songs; 6 collections of songs; musical accompaniment for more than 40 films and animations; roles in the films “Eight and a half dollars”, “DMB” and “Koshkin dom”.
After the coming of the new millennium, the composer decided to return to his homeland of his ancestors. Shainsky received the second citizenship and began to live in Israel, without stopping working. And after 4 years, I had to make another move to the US to improve my health. Vladimir Shainsky for a long time made constant flights between countries, leading an active lifestyle even after 80, until death knocked at his house, turning the last pages of the biography into an endless battle with cancer.
The composer’s family.
In the photo, Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky was always cheerful, as in life. He loved children and devoted most of his work to them. Over the years, Vladimir Shainsky also led a rather stormy personal life. Therefore, to his old age, he was constantly visited by children and grandchildren. In the first marriage with Natalia Vasilievna, who adopted her husband’s surname, Joseph’s son was born. By now, a boy born in 1971 has already given the famous ancestor of his grandchildren: Mark and Alice.
V. Shainsky with his family.
Second wife Svetlana Vladimirovna Shainskaya also made her husband happy with the addition of a family. In 1987, the son of Vyacheslav, who subsequently stayed at home in Moscow, was born. Four years later the composer had a daughter, Anna. She moved with her father to the US and has now completed her studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
It is a pity Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky, he is a wonderful person musician composer poet. It is very a pity on his works we learned to read and write on his editions, several generations of many beginner artists of schoolchildren were brought up and this whole epoch she was not bad is that I remember many of his works by heart.
In the photo: Ludmila Senchina [/ caption] S.