Diaries of the emigrant: how the Ukrainian lives in Sicily.
July 28, 2017 15:26.
bit.ua continues heading “Diaries of the Emigrant”, in which he asks Ukrainians living in other countries of the world to tell about their new life. This week, Lola Fox talks about life on the island of Sicily, Italy.
Why I moved.
My mother lives in Palermo for 12 years, and she always wanted to take me. I was afraid of the changes, but when her calls increased to one per hour in connection with watching Ukrainian news, I had to surrender and take the passport to the embassy. I strongly did not expect a visa, but I was given it for 90 days. It was easy to adapt, but at first, the ignorance of the Italian and obsessive glances of men irritated. Over time, I learned the language, but I’m used to the views.
Standard of living.
In Italy, there is a big crisis now “# 8212; utilities, insurance and medicine are very expensive, and work with a salary of 1,200 euros is still to be looked for (but it still will not be enough if you suddenly get seriously ill).
Bureaucracy, corruption and taxes 70% & # 8212; it’s all about Italy.
Sicily is considered a very poor region. The average salary here is # 8212; 1000 euros. Average cost of food & # 8212; 150-200 euros. Great plus & # 8212; cheap vegetables and fruits all year round.
The apartment can be rented and for 300 euros, but for utilities you will have to pay another 70. There are no special places for purchases. Here, as in Ukraine, there are bazaars, but it’s easier to buy everything in supermarkets.
Find a job in Sicily is very difficult even for indigenous residents, not to mention emigrants. Prospective Sicilians are leaving to build a career to the north & # 8212; it is difficult to be wealthy here. Laziness is much to blame, as an inalienable quality of all local residents. August in Sicily is hot, and this is an excellent occasion not to work at all.
I run my lifestyle blog, where I often write about life on the island, and work in two projects remotely. With the fall of the course, the amount turns out to hug and cry, but every day you go to work & # 8212; not mine.
How friends appear.
Make friends at work & # 8212; no problem. Sicilians are very sociable, unlike the inhabitants of the north. I do not aspire to have friends among the local, but the familiar expats living in Sicily say that friendship with the Italians does not go well. The difference in mentality and way of thinking affects.
You can die with boredom, listening to how they express one thought for an hour.
This region is more suitable for those who like to communicate, and to me the Sicilians seem very noisy and expressive talkers.
Is it easy to become one’s own.
In Italy, feel difficult about yourself & # 8212; here do not like foreigners and even residents of other regions of Italy. North and south of the country & # 8212; this is heaven and earth. I am often asked the question: “Tu sei russa?”. As a husband jokes, Sicilians divide all the peoples of the world into three categories: negri, arabi and russi. And if nice, then immediately Russian. But now Ucraina is a well-known country.
North VS South.
Residents of the south and north of Italy & # 8212; it’s like two different poles. Both those and others eat pizza and pasta, but more, perhaps, nothing in common. They speak different dialects, they have different style, temperament, too, is different. In Milan, Rome and other cities of the North people are cold and business, hard-working. The Sicilians, on the other hand, temperamental, errant lazy. This difference is due to the fact that modern Italy & # 8212; this is a puzzle from different peoples.
I would never want to meet a typical Sicilian & # 8212; could not have found a common language. My husband & # 8212; cosmopolitan, calm and words to the wind does not throw, the exact opposite of the typical Sicilians.
The inhabitants of Sicily do not speak much of substance, they are arrogant and do not want to work at all.
The husband opens new restaurants in Catania and often tells that all the staff & # 8212; from lawyers to waiters & # 8212; need every minute motivational pendel. As a consequence, & # 8212; here nowhere to meet a good service, as in the UAE, for example. European service & # 8212; it’s not about Sicily for sure.
The language barrier.
Even if you come with knowledge of English, this will not save: few people in Sicily can boast of them. Google Translate should become the best friend, because even in tourist places they often speak only Italian. As my experience with a beloved man showed, if you are with a person on the same wavelength, then understanding will come. There is an invariable rule: if you do not know what to say & # 8212; smile.
In Sicily eat a lot and calorie. In the morning, coffee with a cookie in the bar is limited, and lunch and dinner are served. it is necessary or whole pizza, or antipasta paste-carne-dolce (something similar to our first, second, dessert and compote).
Love for pasta in the Italians in the blood. I wonder how some Italians weigh 80 kg. Considering how they eat, there must be 120, no less. I eat vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and cereals. If for the Ukrainians buckwheat & # 8212; this is poor food, in Italy it is very expensive. I miss cheese-cakes and sotniki, here do not make cottage cheese at all. I also miss the restaurants with comfortable sofas and stylish bars.
Owners of establishments in Sicily do not bother with the interior.
I’m in no way used to the fact that the Italians eat lunch from 13:00 to 15:00, and dine “# 8212; from 19:30 to 24:00. The rest of the time everything is closed & # 8212; go hungry. Everyone who visits Sicily, you must try Parmigiana, oranchini, sweet cannoli, frutta-martorana and the world’s most delicious ice cream. I advise institutions located far away from tourist places, otherwise it’s really delicious not to eat.
I always wonder who invented the fairy tale about a good European service? Maybe somewhere it is, but in Sicily you will see terrible roads, heaps of garbage and rudeness at every turn.
On Friday night, Italians drink in bars, on Saturday & # 8212; go to the movies, and on Sunday & # 8212; necessarily family dinner. My husband and I often travel: we fly to other countries or drive by car to the picturesque places of the island.
Interesting places.
Sicily is not a tusovka island with a terrible service, but the beauty of nature is fascinating. When planning a trip around the island, be sure to include the following in the to do list:
1. To climb up one of the few active volcanoes in Europe Etna.
2. Assess the architecture of Palermo and Catania.
3. To visit Taormina, the city from the movie “The Godfather”, which in beauty is not inferior to the Cote d’Azur of France.
4. Be sure to go to the nearest island of Favignana, where the best wild beaches in Italy and the sea are turquoise.