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Work in Denmark: what are the chances of finding a job for a foreigner.
Getting a job in Denmark, as in other countries of Europe, is the limit of dreams for a huge number of Russians. The average annual salary in this country is 40 000 euros, which is very attractive for almost every person. At the same time, it would be wrong to say that finding a vacancy in Denmark is unrealistic.
If you have a document on the completion of a higher education institution, in addition to that you are an experienced specialist who speaks a foreign language (in Denmark, most people speak English) – your chances of finding a job are quite high, despite the fact that to make certain efforts in this matter all It is necessary. If you eventually managed to achieve your goals, you will be able to live and work in a country with a unique geographical location, where there is a high level of social support for citizens and a developed infrastructure. In addition, you will have a real opportunity in the future to start your own business in this truly amazing country of Northern Europe.
However, in order to be able to come to Denmark for employment purposes, you must be issued a residence permit. In its receipt, the employer from Denmark will assist – with him you enter into a labor agreement. Therefore, first of all, a foreign applicant must find such an employer, and it is not necessary to do this in Denmark, you can search, for example, from Russia. There is a huge arsenal of ways by which you can reach out to “direct contact” with the Danish company offering this or that job. For example, you can “track” information about vacancies in local media (suitable sites, post your own job search ads on their Internet resources or contact the Danish employment service to help you with employment ( You can also look for vacancies here:
To date, employers in Denmark are in great demand with such specialties as: engineers, electricians, technicians, carpenters, welders, programmers, medical workers of the service unit, drivers.
Students also have good chances of finding a job in Denmark: you can use a specially designed program called “Au-pair” or apply for a seasonal job. At the same time, the student must present to the employer a document stating that he is a student at the university and demonstrate to him an impeccable knowledge of a foreign language, in particular, English.
In addition, foreign citizens who have been trained in Danish higher education institutions for several years have excellent chances of getting a vacancy on an ongoing basis. After graduating from a university in Denmark, you have the right to stay in this country for six months. This opportunity was specially provided for by local officials so that young foreign specialists could stay in Denmark and work for the good of the country. Therefore, all those who are tempted by the prospect of working in this wonderful kingdom, one should think about getting higher education in Denmark.
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