The Great Famine.
In Russia they joke about the Chukchi. In Ukraine, about Moldovans. The French, the Dutch, the Germans are joking about the Belgians. In the same vein.
Well, the Belgians are joking about Luxembourgers. Such a cruel chain. I was in Belgium – kind and nice people. But sometimes jokes are true.
By the end of 1921, our desperate screams for help reached all corners of the globe.
Already in August 1921 the Swedish Red Cross, vigorously shaking up dependent organizations, began to prepare an expedition; Herbert Hoover launched a gigantic machine called “ARA”;
In September, after a terrible sobbing in the parliament and newspapers, France was going to help; England, unwilling to stay away and experiencing vague hopes for some kind of mess, began to prepare her own expedition;
In October, the Japanese offer to transport hungry children from the Far East to Japan and feed them as required; the ambassador of Afghanistan simply comes to the Central Committee to Kamenev and says: “I have a loot here, nate”; The Pope sends us his personal savings; Australia sends a steamship with meat and preserved cans for ANZAK to Novorossiysk;
In November, Spain and Portugal begin collecting donations in favor of the starving Russia; Mongolia promises to bring a huge herd of horses in the winter, Yugoslavia is preparing a train with the help to send to eastern Ukraine; Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico, Karl !!) – sends a steamship with grain to the United States to drive it to Russia; across Europe, universities collect donations for targeted assistance to our professors and students.
In January 1922, having suspected that in the world there are some important events, Belgium enters into the Great Game. They decide to help themselves. The French – inflated turkeys and just to spoil over us, the Germans – reptiles, the Dutch – well, to hell with them, and in general, we are an independent country! Ran out.
7.01.1922 The Belgian Council of Ministers, with the application of the President of the Belgian Red Cross, Dr. DePage, decides to allocate 750,000 francs for the rescue of Russian starving children. Hooray! The country rejoices from its own nobility! Head of the city of Liege M. Max 21.01.1922 makes a proposal to impose every resident a one-time tax of 10 centimes! Hooray! And they collected money! All sum! On joys, on February 8, 1922, the “Administrative work council for helping Russian children” was organized, which at the first meeting makes the noblest decision – to bring Russian children to Belgium and take care of them here! The Royal Railways are obliged to transport children inside the country for free! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
And then .. uh .. uh .. and again uh .. And where are they found, these Russian children? Russia is very far away somewhere, right? A! Speak is there nearby ?? In Constantinople ?! My God, how convenient! Children “real Russian kozak”! As many as two hundred people? Perfectly! We take away!
Well, they brought to Belgium two hundred children who were stunned by the sudden happiness of white emigrants. And published a natural report. Maksim Maksimych, they say, this day, for the first time since working in the League of Nations, got drunk.
Well further there was a splashing saliva Nansen, Waters came from Amsterdam, poked everyone in a card, an epidemic of silent scenes from the “Inspector”, all affairs ..
Refined in Geneva at the International Red Cross who needs help. They said there was a starving Russian. They collected 545,285 Swiss francs and advertised in newspapers that the Russians can come and receive financial assistance. All emigrants who lived at that time in Luxembourg came. Very thankful. Luxembourg did not have any questions. No one.
P.S. References to documents I can give in komentah, if anyone is interested.
Super! Repeat perhaps)
Paris “Journal” of 07.01.1922 also writes that the Belga want only to help children and are going to bring them by their trains. In the same place they look at them – like and how? )
Our plenipotentiaries later reported from the Netherlands that Waters on 3.04.1922 went to Belgium to yell that they are goats and need to help the Volga region. And the Belgians answered him that if they send aid to Russia, then they will steal it. I did not include this in the text, but it’s also funny.
Plus, the Amsterdam II International knocked, which was drowned by Prince Leopold, who at the same time put money in his pocket (Former archive of the October Revolution 1064.6.67, pages 74-77).
Plus, the Council of Ministers decided to allocate 750,000 francs specifically to help children. None of the students were not talking.
I understand you are studying the history of Belgium? Or only narrow areas? This winter I traveled flea markets in Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges, asked all the booksellers, but no one even gave me a link to any publications on the work of the Belgian Red Cross. All the information that I have on them is the reports of the Nansen group, the denunciations of the Dutch (very critical) and the reports of our plenipotentiaries. Plus cuttings from newspapers and magazines made by the same Dutch and ours. If you have access to any sources – I will be very grateful. It is very interesting who exactly and who ordered the costumes for our professors. A total of 600 pairs of summer and winter. Never met about this information?
Well, taking advantage of your attention and interest in emigration, I know that with the help of white emigrants who lived in Belgium, 100,000 francs from Luxembourg collected, nevertheless reached Saratov. Also I will be immensely grateful for any information about these people. We only have Aiduk’s note that through the emigrants this money was received. All – no names, no way how to translate.