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How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport (BLQ) to Venice.
How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport (BLQ) to Venice.
However, we took a taxi. There is a lot of lines at the exit.
We must get in the first car, and in twenty minutes we were at the central railway station of Bologna.
It cost this pleasure to count – 15 euros.
We bought tickets for a train in a vending machine and a mini-trip on Italian railways for the first time.
But at the ticket machines, only mini-queues of two or three people appeared from time to time wave-like.
They surely pressed the buttons on the touch screen.
They put money in the bill-receiver and after a couple of seconds the machine issued a ticket.
Everything resembled the usual process of payment (replenishment of the account) of mobile phones in payment terminals, which we have at every corner.
Only here it was necessary to dial in any of the 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Spanish, German) on the virtual keyboard: the departure city, then the city of arrival, the desired date, choose one of the proposed options in time, agree with one of the proposed tariffs, indicate the number of tickets. and pay.
This procedure, which takes less than a minute for permanent Italian passengers, was five times slower with our participation. Several hurried passengers gathered behind us, after all from Bologna every ten to fifteen minutes are served by trains in all directions of Italy. Zeitnot was merciless. The machine gave a choice of several nearest train departures in Venice. One of them is high-speed without stops – the famous “EUROSTAR”, the one on which the heroine of Angelina Jolie met the character of Johnny Depp in the comic detective “Tourist”.
Single ticket for & quot; EUROSTAR & quot; from Bologna to Venice cost about forty euros, and the family rate for four is slightly less than one hundred euros. The journey takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. When the step of payment came, he began to search for a bill acceptor.
This given ticket terminal only accepted bank cards.
And we have cash euros in our hands, and behind us the experienced passengers sigh with disapproval, showing their hands to the neighboring touch terminal.
I had to drop the order and go to another unit.
The most paradoxical thing is that we had bank cards: I have VISA, and my wife MASTER CARD, but at that moment we just forgot about them. At the second terminal our business went faster.
We monitor the monitor noticed an express menu, where the nearest Bologna-Venice flight was already shining, which departed in 5 minutes. It was a regional train (an ordinary Italian train). The cost of an adult ticket to a second class car is 8 euros 90 cents, children 50% discount.
For four of us the machine gave the final amount – 28 euros with copecks. Almost four times cheaper than on “EUROSTAR”, and the travel time is 1 hour 50 minutes, half an hour more.
This time, having coped with the procedure for buying tickets for a couple of minutes and having punched them on the wall in yet another yellow machine (strikingly similar to the validators that stand in Moscow trams).
The validator typed the date and we ran to the platform, simultaneously looking for the scoreboard to find out from which way our regional train departs. It turned out from the 6th path, to which it was necessary to escape through the underground passage. Mentally, I thanked myself that I took two suitcases, not four (!).
The train was beautifully and neatly painted in a designer style by the color of the color “electrician”.
To disassemble which of the carriages of the first class, and which of the second class, in a hurry was incomprehensible.
The inconspicuous figures of figures 1 and 2 near the doors of the cars, the only way how to identify cars of different classes. We climbed to the tambour just a minute before departure (I do not know why I suddenly arranged such an extreme race “Hurry on the train”, because until midnight more than a dozen flights departed to Venice). The cars of the first and second class were absolutely identical. And in the same car there is a section of the first class and a section of the second class. In the first class there is an elementary numbering of places, so you can safely (like in the theater) drive the insolent who dared to take your place. In tickets of the second class – the seat number is not indicated.
Sit on the loose or stand if everything is occupied.
For comfort, the Italian regional cheap train, recalls the Moscow AEROEXPRESS. Soft comfortable chairs, wide passage. Even the prices are similar.
Rush hour at five in the evening, entering the second-class car a minute before departure, it was naive to believe that we would find four vacant seats. Therefore, gently leaning against the wall of the vestibule of both suitcases, were happy that we had time.
However, our train did not leave on time. Since a similar train arrived from Rimini to the neighboring platform and the crowd of passengers began to transfer busily to our cars. As on & quot; Vykhino & quot; ten years over passengers from the suburban electric trains on the same platform could change to the metro (now on the “Vykhino” apron is divided in half by a fence along the halftone). Since Bologna is a major transit interchange railway junction, the schedule is designed so that the time between transfers is minimal and sometimes critical. If one of the trains is delayed for a couple of minutes, the other is not sent until the transit passengers make a transfer. We departed from Bologna with a five-minute permissible delay. After 20 minutes at the very first stop, a lot of people came down, and we quietly sat on free chairs.
At the second stop in Padua, the car was half empty. To Venice, reached the most “persistent”, a couple of dozen travelers. There are two train stations in Venice. One on the mainland is called “Mestre”, the second is the same end point – called “Santa Lucia” on the island part. Between them the train travels several kilometers along the long isthmus-bridge. I drove slowly, even stood for about three or four minutes, until the departing train came to meet me, and that means I freed the platform. At the station “St. Lucia.” Venice & quot; more than 10 aprons and at rush hour they are all busy arriving-departing trains. While the train was standing, waiting for the “green” a signal of a traffic light, in a window it was possible to make out recognizable silhouettes of a city on water.
That’s the way the evening of the first day of our trip – the main goal has taken shape. Cruise! In two days and we will be on a snow-white liner. Unfortunately, because of the “artificial extreme” associated with haste with the train, almost nothing was photographed. Only a couple of duty frames themselves loved ones, not always successful perspectives. I publish to see the situation of the usual regional Italian train of the cheapest second class.
Re: How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport BLQ to Venice.
Re: How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport BLQ to Venice.
Re: How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport BLQ to Venice.
or you can fly to any French city (Nice, Paris) and then by train or bus.
From the airport of Marseille to the train station there is an airbase and then a taxi to the port.
Or right away by taxi from the airport to the port.
Re: How cheap it is to get from Bologna airport (BLQ) to Venice.
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