Countries that you can go without a visa and not only (9 photos)
27 September 2017 23:43.
Cause time – fun hour! folk wisdom says. And so, have you worked, saved up and where are we going?
I asked the same question when planning a vacation. I did not want to be restricted with visas at once and I decided to find out where I could go without it or with its “symbolic” decoration.
I found it, I want to share it with you. Can someone else figure out what edges and the country he has not yet seen.
In this review there are also terms of stay in visa-free countries, as well as there are countries where to issue a visa will not take much time and running, there are options even for obtaining a visa via the Internet, and something else.
And so, let’s go. more precisely flew.
Let’s start with countries where the passport is not needed at all. Surely you know about them but still:
Countries with a visa-free regime for Russians and a possible stay in them with a one-time visit (on a foreign passport):
– Azerbaijan (the period of stay is unlimited)
– Antigua and Barbuda (1 month)
– Argentina (90 days)
– Armenia (the period of stay is unlimited)
– Bahamas (90 days)
– Barbados (28 days)
– Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 days)
– Botswana (90 days)
– Brazil (90 days)
– Venezuela (90 days in a half-year)
– Vanuatu (30 days)
– Vietnam (15 days), from the previous entry into the country must pass at least 30 days.
– Guatemala (90 days)
– Honduras (90 days)
– Hong Kong (14 days)
– Grenada (90 days)
– Georgia (365 days), +5 days)
– Guam (up to 45 days)
– Dominica (21 days)
– Dominican Republic (30 days)
– Israel (90 days)
– Indonesia (30 days)
– Colombia (90 days)
– Kyrgyzstan (60 days), and earlier there was an entry under the passport of the Russian Federation.
– Costa Rica (30 days)
– Mauritius (up to 60 days), but there were 90 …
– Macedonia (up to 90 days in six months)
– Malaysia (30 days)
– Maldives (30 days)
– Morocco (3 months)
– Micronesia (30 days with return tickets)
– Moldova (entry on foreign passport)
– Mongolia (30 days, not more than 90 in each 180-day period)
– Namibia (3 months)
– Nicaragua (90 days.
– Cook Islands (31 days)
– Paraguay (90 days)
– El Salvador (up to 90 days)
– Seychelles (30 days)
– Swaziland (1 month)
– Northern Mariana Islands (45 days with return tickets)
– St. Kitts and Nevis (up to 3 months)
– Saint Lucia (up to 6 weeks)
– Tajikistan (entry on foreign passport)
– Thailand (30 days)
– Trinidad and Tobago (90 days)
– Tunisia (up to 3 months)
– Uzbekistan (the time of stay is unlimited)
– Ukraine (90 days within 180 days)
– Uruguay (up to 90 days in half a year)
– Philippines (30 days)
– Montenegro (90 days)
– Chile (up to 90 days)
– Ecuador (90 days)
– South Korea (60 days)
Further, countries where a visa can be obtained at the border, in most cases of course it is not free:
– Bangladesh (15 days)
– Bahrain (14 days)
– Belize (up to 30 days)
– Bolivia (up to 30 days)
– Burundi (subject to special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country)
– East Timor (only at the international airport and the seaport of Dili, up to 30 days or up to 3 months, with visa permission from the Immigration Department)
– Ghana (up to 90 days, if there is a visa)
– Djibouti (1 month)
– Egypt (30 days, free “Sinai stamp” – 15 days)
– Zambia (90 days tourist visa, 30 days – business)
– Zimbabwe (90 days tourist visa, 30 days – business, 3 days – transit)
– Jordan (30 days)
– Iraq (14 days, applies only to Kurdistan, requires a visa clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kurdistan)
– Cape Verde (30 days)
– Cambodia (1 month)
– China (domestic) – you can buy a visa at the entrance from Hong Kong for 5 days (lonely traveling girls are denied 99% of the cases)
– PRC (only Hainan Island – up to 15 days, a / p Dalian – transit 7 days, a number of land checkpoints for residents of border areas)
– Comoros (2 weeks)
– Kuwait (1 month under a number of conditions)
– Lebanon (under a number of conditions, 3 months)
– Madagascar (90 days)
– Myanmar (if there is eVisa, up to 28 days)
– Paraguay (up to 90 days)
– Pitcairn (up to 14 days, under a number of conditions;)
– Samoa West (60 days)
– Sao Tome and Principe (with visa permission issued online)
– St. Helena Island (up to 183 days, does not apply to Ascension Island and the Tristan da Cunha Archipelago)
– Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (up to 30 days)
– Syria (up to 15 days, with a number of conditions, hehe)
– Suriname (2 months, with the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname)
– Tanzania (90 days – tourist visa, 2 weeks – transit)
– Central African Republic (7 days)
– Sri Lanka (transit – up to 48 hours, tourist – up to 30 days)
– Eritrea (1 month if there is a visa permission issued by the host party to the Service.
– Ethiopia (1 month, only at the airport)
But now the countries where you can issue a visa without much trouble:
– Australia – visa online.
– Bahrain – visa online.
– Gabon – visa online.
– India – visa online up to 30 days of stay.
– Kenya – visa online.
– Cyprus – visa online.
– Cyprus – pro visa is issued online.
– Mexico – visa online.
– Montserrat – visa online.
– Myanmar – visa online.
– Rwanda – visa online.
– Singapore – visa online.
If you already have visas of any countries, it probably gives you the advantage of visiting third countries, namely:
– Albania (in the presence of a multi-visa Schengen, USA, Great Britain)
– Bulgaria (if there is a double or multi-visa of Romania, Cyprus, Croatia (national visas and residence permits) and Schengen)
– Ireland (if you have a UK visa)
– Zambia (30 days if there is a single KAZA visa with Zambia)
– Zimbabwe (30 days if there is a single KAZA visa with Zambia)
– Romania (if there is a double or multiple visa of Schengen, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia (national visas)
– French Guiana (Schengen with a note about the possibility of entry into French Guiana)
– Croatia (if there is a double or multi-visa of Schengen, Bulgaria and Romania)
Well Well, we choose the country and flew. But still I ask you to refrain from visiting Syria for example or other “burning” resort countries, I understand that most likely the cost will cost, but chances are high that other countries you will not see.
I took information from various resources, so I anticipate the same: after choosing from the list provided, you should find out for yourself and thoroughly.