Contract with the owner of a dwelling premise for a RWP.
Assistance in filling the contract of tenure of a dwelling.
Recent years of innovations in migration legislation and procedures for obtaining migration documents for ordinary visitors who do not belong to preferential categories of foreign citizens are becoming more severe. The quota is getting smaller, and additional demands are made to the applicants. One of these when applying for a temporary residence permit was the presentation of documents showing the applicant’s legal right to reside in the place of his registration. They include a contract with the owner, which also confirms the presence of the candidate’s living quarters.
IMPORTANT! Now you can get on reception with submission of documents on ��� it is possible only by preliminary record. Employees of the migration service do not pre-register without a passport and a document confirming the right to use the foreign citizen’s living quarters.
For the consultation in our company, clients who failed to make an appointment due to the lack of such an agreement are increasingly coming. Long preparation for submission to the RWP (fees, filling, certification of documents, medical examinations, passing tests, finally, recording for reception and idle in queues) go to hell. Those who have refused the coupon begin an urgent search on the Internet, where to go and what to do. Not always there are clear answers and the actual form of the contract, which is suitable in this particular situation. To all who are not ready to risk twice, we advise you to contact specialists.
The cost of our legal assistance in this matter is 4,900 rubles.
The lawyers of our company have long known that in the list of documents for filing with the RVP there has long been a requirement to present a contract or other legal documents for housing, according to the law “On Migration Accounting of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons”. However, earlier this point was most often closed by the eyes. Now we can only hope for a lucky chance: a less captious employee of the migration service will get there – well, but no – blame yourself, as they say.
It is better to prevent such risks and to draw up a contract in advance by attaching it to the package of documents. Moreover, our professionals will do it quickly and at a very humane price.
A contract confirming the availability of a dwelling premise for a RWP.
Evidence of the availability of living space for the applicant for a permit for temporary residence are two types of contracts:
Hiring (standard rental); The so-called loan, that is, gratuitous use of real estate.
The contract of renting a dwelling.
The lease agreement with the owner is an excellent solution for both parties. It reflects the paid use and ownership of the property by the lessee and does not imply any other property rights. At the conclusion of the contract of renting a dwelling for a RVP, the hosts usually go without resistance.
Gratuitous use agreement for RWP.
According to this type of agreement, the owner for a time gives an apartment, house or part of the house for free use, and the receiving party is obliged to use the property for the intended purpose, and then return it in its original condition with due regard for normal wear and tear.
Of course, the owners rarely agree to the conclusion of such a contract, because on it the borrower has the right to use the property on a par with legal family members.
Can I do without a contract with the owner of the premises when filing for a RWP.
The contract may not be required if, instead of it, the applicant for the RVP has other grounds, confirming that he has a legitimate housing:
certificate of ownership or inheritance; the contract of social hiring or rental of official housing provided by the employer.
If you received an inheritance, purchased real estate, received an apartment from the employer or you were provided by it by law, social services, boldly present the document in the migration service.
What you need to conclude a contract:
Passport data of the owner of the premises and the borrower; Those. passport of real estate or other document containing its unique characteristics (address, size of square meters of residential and general area, explication of premises, etc.).
Features of the conclusion of a contract that confirms the existence of a dwelling:
The contract does not require a notarization; The contract can be concluded with any of the owners of the premises.
Tips for concluding a rental contract.
The first thing you should do when signing a contract on your own is to make sure that your landlord is really the owner of the property. Otherwise you will receive a legally invalid paper. Ask to show a certificate of the right of inheritance or property, and it is better to go to Rosreestr and ask for an extract in which the owner and encumbrances will be indicated.
At the stage of conclusion of the contract, it is important to find an appropriate form of contract that will suit the officials of the migration service. Of course, not being a lawyer, it is difficult to distinguish a contract containing sufficient and necessary conditions from not containing them. The fastest and most reliable in this case is to provide the business of drafting the contract to professionals.
We have been helping our clients for many years in all matters concerning the conclusion of a contract with the owners of apartments and other real estate. Please, contact us, and we guarantee you an operative competent result in the form of an agreement with the owner of a dwelling to submit documents to the RWP, in accordance with the requirements of migration legislation.
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