Consultation on Hungary. The residence permit in Hungary for a pensioner.
YANA: If a pensioner has a certificate from a pension fund, funds in a Hungarian bank, real estate or renting an apartment in Hungary, is it enough for the PENSIONER (without the right to work) to obtain the status of residence permit in Hungary?
Ask the counselor.
You know for sure that you will soon live in another country. Or maybe they started thinking about it recently. In any case, your eyes are most likely turned towards Europe. asked Yevgeny Tsikunov, the director of the company “Second House”, to tell about the differences between the European Union and the Schengen zone, and about how all this affects the choice of the country and the program for obtaining a residence permit and second citizenship in Europe. To read.
Hungary announced the closure of the program “permanent residence for investment”. What do those who plan to obtain a permanent residence permit in Hungary, but have not yet had time to file documents? What awaits foreigners who have already invested in government bonds? The most relevant information – conditions, requirements, guarantees – in our material. To read.
You can read as much as you like about this or that country in books, travel guides or the Internet. But you can really experience the local “charms and sorrows” only on your own experience. interviewed a professional real estate market, who has been living in Hungary for almost five years. We talked about the peculiarities of local medicine, education, employment and immigration legislation. To read.
Should the owners of houses and apartments pay an annual tax on real estate. Why it is easier to negotiate with neighbors than with a management company. And how much can you earn on renting square meters in Hungary. In this material you will find all information about taxes, utility costs and living expenses. Updated August 30, 2016. To read.
Buying a property in Hungary is the basis for obtaining a residence permit. What documents are required for obtaining a residence permit? What are the conditions for permanent residence and citizenship? How to apply for an entry visa? All our questions will be answered by our material. To read.
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