Consultation on Albania. Permanent residence and residence permit in Albania.
����: Good afternoon, tell me please what you need to get a residence permit or permanent residence in Albania? what documents do I need to collect to file documents? on what grounds do they give? Now I live in Ukraine, Thank you.
Similar to the immigration requirements of many other European countries, the primary reasons for obtaining residence permit in Albania are: opening a legal entity (own company), a working contract, studying in Albania, family reunification, etc.
The fact of ownership / rental of real estate in Albania in the Law “On Foreign Citizens” is not indicated as a basis, only as an obligatory condition for permanent residence in the country. Despite this, in this law there is a subparagraph “other grounds”, thanks to which foreign property owners, incl. citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have already received and continue to receive residence permits in Albania.
I note that our Russian-speaking lawyers have the most extensive experience in the field of immigration services for Russian-speaking citizens in Albania – more than six years!
It was “Albania Service” that became the first company that began to issue residence permit for our compatriots and continues to render this service almost “in a package” with the purchase of real estate.
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