Confirmation of the income of a foreign citizen in 2017.
Confirmation of the size and source of income when submitting notices of residence, registration of residence permits and citizenship in 2017.
How can I confirm income if I do not work? Will the certificate from the bank be used to confirm the RWP? Do I need to confirm my income when applying for a residence permit and citizenship? These and many other issues are of interest to migrants engaged in registration of migration documents. This article will provide answers to the most popular questions about income verification. We hope that this article will be useful and you will find answers to your questions. The article was prepared taking into account changes in legislation that occurred in 2017.
How can I confirm the income when I confirm my residence in the RWP and the residence permit?
As is known, the law obliges a foreign citizen residing in the Russian Federation on the basis of a RWP or residence permit, to annually confirm the source and amount of income. About the order and timing of the notice of residence, read here. The source of income can be a bank deposit, personal savings, income from employment (salary) and entrepreneurial activity, from leasing property, receiving scholarships, pensions, social payments and even money received as a gift. For example, the income of a migrant can be confirmed by: a certificate under form 2 of personal income tax, a certificate from the employer in free form, a 3NDFL declaration, a bank statement, and other documents, from which the source and amount of the migrant’s income follows.
How much money is needed to confirm the RWP?
Attention! The amount of income received for the year (taken into account the next year from the receipt of the RWP or residence permit) should not be lower:
For St. Petersburg & # 8212; 139 896 rub. for the year, except for:
Retirees & # 8212; 101700 rubles per year Children -122652 rubles per year.
For the Leningrad Region -118,896 rubles a year, with the exception of: Pensioners & # 8212; 97 488 rubles Children and # 8212; 109 560 rubles.
Periodicity of receipts does not matter.
Failure to provide a residence notice at the due date entails a fine and cancellation of documents.
Where does this amount come from?
It’s simple. The total amount of revenues received for the year when dividing by 12 months should confirm the average monthly income at a level not lower than the subsistence minimum established in the migrant’s region of residence. In St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the subsistence minimum is set annually. As of the date of this writing, the minimum subsistence level for St. Petersburg is established by the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg of 07.06.2017 N 417 “On the establishment of the subsistence minimum per capita and for the main socio-demographic groups in St. Petersburg for the I quarter of 2017 “, In the Leningrad Region & # 8212; Decree of the Government of the Leningrad Region of 13.02.2017 N 20 “On the establishment of the subsistence minimum per capita and the main socio-demographic groups in Leningrad Region for the fourth quarter of 2016”.
How can I confirm income if I do not work?
Citizens who do not have their own income, who are kept by relatives or other persons, have the right to confirm their income by providing a certificate of income of the person they depend on. In this case, it is also required to submit a statement of support to the head of the Office for Migration. The statement of dependency is made in free form.
What happens if I do not confirm income?
If the citizen does not have enough money in sufficient amount, he can be revoked from the temporary residence permit and residence permit (the exhaustive list of grounds for cancellation of the RWP and residence permit is prescribed in Article 7 and Article 9 of the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in RF �)
Do I need to confirm my income when applying for a residence permit and citizenship?
As you know, persons who issue a temporary residence permit are not required to document the existence of a legal source of income and the amount of cash receipts. However, when registering a residence permit, and even more so, citizenship, it is necessary to do this. The fact is that by issuing residence permits to migrants, allowing them permanent residence in the Russian Federation, or taking a decision to admit a person to Russian citizenship, the migration authorities must make sure that the applicant has the ability to support himself. For these purposes, the law introduces the requirement to provide written evidence of solvency. At the same time, people who intend to issue a residence permit need to confirm not only the source, but also the amount of income. The requirements in this case are similar to those described above. That is, the average monthly income of a migrant should not be lower than the subsistence minimum established in the region of his permanent residence. But when registering citizenship, a migrant needs only to confirm the existence of a legal source of money, while the law does not impose requirements on the amount of revenues received.
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