Company registration in Macau.
Register a company in Macau.
Macao is an autonomous territory within the PRC. It is located 60 km from Hong Kong and has its own monetary, legal, legal, customs, legislative systems. The Macau region consists of the peninsula of the same name, as well as the islands of Taipa and Coloans (in the South China Sea).
Macau is a former colony of Portugal, which is reflected in the dominance of the Portuguese language, which is used on a par with the Chinese. Also in Macau, you can see many examples of the architecture of the times of Portuguese colonization. In general, we can note a profound mixture of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. While the majority of Macao residents are Chinese, there are also many representatives of Portugal.
About 0.5 million people inhabit Macao, immigrants make a big contribution to the population growth. The life expectancy of the inhabitants of Macau ranks second in the world.
Among the main sources of the economy’s income are tobacco production, fishing, textile exports, and the production of fireworks. Also developed a gambling business in Macau. It is developed so much that the region is often referred to as the “capital of excitement”.
The national currency is pataka.
Recently, more and more relevant for entrepreneurs from around the world is the registration of an offshore company in Macao. This is facilitated by a favorable tax policy, developed financial infrastructure, Macau’s high reputation in the world. Offshore in Macau is an excellent example of successful tax planning. And this fact attracts more and more investors to the region.
The classic offshore company in Macao is Limited liability company by quotas (LDA).
Legislative base in Macau.
The activities of the offshore company in Macao are based on Civil Law (incorporating the basic principles of Portuguese, German, Chinese and English common law).
Registration of offshore in Macau – the main provisions.
One director and two shareholders are sufficient to register a company in Macau; Directors and shareholders can be both physical and legal persons. In this case, legal entities are required to appoint a representative; There are no requirements for the residence of shareholders; A company needs a secretary if its membership includes more than 10 people. At the same time, the residence of the secretary does not matter, but he can not be a legal entity; The minimum amount of capital declared and subject to 100% payment is MOP 25,000; The commercial name must match the one under which the entrepreneur will work. The name can be offered in Portuguese and / or Chinese. You can not use existing titles. Permission to use a specific name is issued by the State Commercial Register. Once the name is approved, the company has 60 working days to complete the registration procedure; Issue of bearer shares is not allowed.
All offshore companies in Macau fall into one of two categories:
company with the right to provide services to a third party; an organization that provides support services to the parent company.
Registration of an offshore company in Macau and obtaining a license provides for filing:
– a business plan indicating the amount of investment, scope, conditions of employment of local staff, office space and other.
– after obtaining a license, it is necessary to provide confirmation that all the points specified in the business plan are fulfilled in reality. The offshore company in Macau must physically be in the jurisdiction, this is a very important point.
Accounting in Macau.
Offshore in Macau must maintain an accounting record. All Macao companies submit annual Returns, as well as financial statements to the Financial Services Department. The company is audited if its average annual income for the last 3 years exceeds MOR 500,000, and its capital is MOR100000).
To register or buy a company in Macau is simple. Contact us and registering an offshore company in Macau will be a quick and successful procedure. Registration of offshore companies and various companies is one of the main spheres of our activity.