Common Frequently Asked Questions.
Since drawing up the program of immigration. Before you begin the process, you need to clearly understand the entire sequence of steps, your and your family members, and the possibilities of going through these steps. Read the general information about. more. What are the prices for your services?
The cost of our services can be found here.
In addition to paying for our lawyer services, we charge file fees paid to the Immigration Department for processing the application, for compulsory learning of English for those adult family members who do not own them (2nd file fee), fees of other organizations for assessing the profession. more. What are your guarantees of success?
We can not and, according to the Code of the Australian Migratory Agent, we have no right to give guarantees. The decision to issue a visa is not accepted by us, but by the Department of Immigration of Australia. Each case is deeply personal and it is possible to predict the probability of success only in the process of preparing the document. more. Can I refuse a visa?
Certainly, they can. Issuance of visas & ndash; the exclusive prerogative of the Australian government, and no obligation to issue a visa to anyone does not exist. In practice, of course, there are certain rules.
We periodically have to answer the question of why we take money and how the necessary amount of work on the migration business is determined.
Foreign specialists who wish to live and work in Australia, but who have not found an employer ready to act as a sponsor, can use the SkillSelect program, which came into effect in July 2012. The system of selection of high-level professionals required by the country, developed. more. How much should you save at the time of moving after receiving a visa?
A qualifying independent visa does not require showing money when, as for sponsored visas, some sponsoring states require to show the presence of 25-40 thousand dollars per family. Business visas also include a mandatory 50 thousand dollars on top of all other financial criteria. more. How long will the migration visa process take?
The length of the process depends on the type of visa, the profession of the applicant and on who sponsors the applicant (relative, state government or employer) and can vary from 5 to 40 months. Unfortunately the last time the situation with the time of consideration of applications has changed for the worse. more. Do you need to know English language?
The only visa, when applying for which you do not need to know English, but you can simply pay for its training, is a business-sponsored business visa visa (investor, business owner or high-ranking leader). All other migration visas are qualifying. more. And you can come to Australia on a tourist visa, and there already somehow “get hooked” for permanent residence?
Unfortunately this is a very deep, but very common misconception. Firstly, virtually all Russians and most residents of the former Union are subject to a tourist visa condition 8503 “No further stay &. more. When can I get an Australian passport? the citizenship of Australia?
The citizenship of Australia can be obtained after 4 years of residence in Australia, during which only 1 year you must live with permanent resident status (permanent residence). Those. 3 years out of 4 resident service can be saved by staying in Australia on any visa, including. more. Do you help with employment?
No. The employment assistance in Australia is not included in the list of our services. We recommend using the most popular site among employers and employees and / or other sites to find work from our section of useful links and most to contact the employer. . more. What is a temporary work visa?
The Immigration and Nationality Department encourages entrepreneurs to use temporary visa 457 subclass as a way to cope with the staffing deficit, which affects many Australian enterprises, especially in the regions. In the layer. more. Is it possible to immigrate to Australia through a marriage with an Australian citizen?
Recently, more and more foreign citizens have sought to marry Australian citizens or to reunite with their families residing on the Green Continent. For such cases, the Immigration and Nationality Department may offer a range of immigrant visa options. If you. more. What first thing do you need to do to an immigrant upon arrival in Australia?
Many immigrants feel confused when they first arrive in Australia. One immigration visa is not enough to fully live and work in a new country. There are several important things that need to be done as quickly as possible upon arrival in Australia. The very first thing on. more.
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