Comfort and luxury are always in price.
Sale of property of Rudolf Nureyev.
The archipelago off the coast of Italy and a number of other real estate objects around the world, owned by the late “star” of the ballet Rudolf Nuriev, are offered for sale.
The Galli archipelago, consisting of three small islands, is located less than two kilometers from the coast of Italy. From the islands there is an excellent panorama of the island. Capri and fashionable resort of Positano.
On Gallo Lungo, the largest of the three islands, is the “Villa Grande” – the main residence of R. Nuriev, where the great dancer built a real “Ali Baba Cave”, richly decorated with antiques and decorated in Oriental style. On the island there are two smaller houses, a landing site for helicopters and a four-story medieval sentinel tower, partially restored by Nuriev. The condition of purchase is to complete the restoration. The asking price for the archipelago with all the buildings exceeds $ 3. 000. 000.
On the island of St. Barts in the Caribbean, Rudolf Nureyev owned another house, consisting of three bedrooms, a kitchen and a terrace. The house is located on a plot of land with an area of 1160 sq. M. meters. The price is $ 567. 000.
And the sale also offers a Parisian apartment on the seafront of the Seine, an estate in the state of Virginia in the US with an area of 170 hectares. The house in Monte Carlo and the apartment in New York have already been sold.
The money will go to the account of the charitable Foundation for the Promotion of Ballet Development, registered in Liechtenstein.
Contact: Dr Marc Richter, Secretary, Ballet Promotional Foundation, Zurich,
Shortage: real estate in the fashionable corners of Europe.
In most European countries, the real estate market is slowly stabilizing after the recession, which led to a 15-20% price cut, and in some cases (especially in England) even by 25-30% compared to the late 1980s. Realtors report a decrease in the portfolio of objects for sale, and predict that prices after stabilization will start to grow again. This is already partly happening in the market of luxury Parisian apartments worth $ 1. 000. 000 and expensive real estate on the Riviera. During the recession, large amounts of money around the world were deposited, working to make a profit, and now its part should be spent on what money was always spent for – luxury and comfort.
The time of “cheap purchases” is going away, and those who somehow plan such an acquisition, we advise you to hurry: in the future you will most likely have to pay more. And after the upper sector of the real estate market will begin to pull up and the average. The price of a typical house in England by the end of the decade, according to experts, will increase by 40% and amount to 92. 000 pounds sterling.
Restricting ourselves to these general and hopefully useful comments for the reader, we suggest considering the appropriateness of purchasing real estate in one (separate) house and in two tax oases, where a significant price increase, from our point of view, is simply inevitable.
A detached house is located at: France, Cannes, nab. Le Cruiseet, house 42 (France, Cannes, Le Croisette, 42). This is the most prestigious place on the entire French Riviera. The house is located between the legendary Hotel Carlton and the even more famous Palace of Film Festivals, where for 10 days a year all those (or almost all of them) gather about whom they gossip, admire him, before whom they bow – in short, artistic beau monde. The rest of 354 days a year is also boring here. A beautiful view of one of the world’s most beautiful avenues and.
Cannes Bay from the balcony of the apartment, service and entertainment, which can only be expected in this most fashionable place. In addition, possession of real estate in the house 42 is equivalent to a pass to a higher society.
But do not expect that you will buy an apartment in this house “at the price of an apartment in Moscow.” Prices – only for the elite. Others there, however, and do not wait. Visiting of the house and inspection of the apartments is carried out only by invitation (information by phone: + 33 9338-0066, fax: + 33 93391365).
Another place where you can make a successful, but, unlike the brilliant house of 42 in Cannes, an inexpensive purchase, is located in the Irish Sea halfway between England and Ireland. This is the Isle of Man – a well-known tax oasis, washed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The territory of the island is more than 570 square meters. km –
More than all the islands taken together in the English Channel. The nature of Maine is full of contrasts:
the blue sea, white sandy beaches and the lush, almost subtropical greenery of the coastal plains are completely unlike the harsh mountains of the central part.
Maine is an autonomous part of Great Britain under the sovereignty of the British crown. The local parliament is the oldest in the world, and the legislative acts of the English parliament have no direct effect here.
The island is equally popular among tourists, and among investors using local opportunities of offshore business.
Here, however, we are not talking about the advantages of Maine as a tax haven, but about another, in its own way no less attractive, features – relatively cheap real estate. The apartment can be bought from $ 30. 000, the house – from $ 45. 000. Of course, we are talking about very modest objects. But still it is incomparably cheaper than on the nearby islands of Guernsey and Jersey in the English Channel, where the starting price of any purchase is a few hundred thousand dollars. In the expensive sector of the market on about. Maine you can buy estates for $ 7. 000. 000 and even more expensive.
One of the most remarkable houses now on sale is the so-called “Monastery”, built in 1823 in the Gothic style at the site of a monastery founded by St. Brigitte of Kilder in 567. In 1540 the monastery was destroyed by the order of the King of England Henry VIII. The house now belongs to the owner of the races and horse-breeder Robert Sangster and is offered along with a plot of land of 22 hectares for $ 5. 400. 000.
The population of. Maine is 70. 000 people. Those who want to buy there real estate so much that now on the island they talk about the need to limit the influx of new residents, not more than 5000 people.
Reference literature for potential investors and residents can be obtained from the government office about. Maine (tel .: + 44 (0) 624 685755).
Another point in Europe, where, according to experts, already expensive property will grow steadily in value, is Campione. This small Italian enclave has an area of 2, 6 sq. Km. km is located in the heart of Switzerland on the shore of the lake. Lugano. Covered by alpine peaks from the northern winds and overgrown with palm trees, Campione is a true subtropical paradise, located not far from the most important business centers of Milan, Zurich and Geneva. The climate here is one of the best in the whole of Europe. In the Campione it is always warm, but a short trip by cable car and – you ski in the Alps.
The most modern infrastructure, high level of service and the abundance of first-class financial institutions characteristic of Switzerland are combined here with Italian cheerfulness, informality and tolerance for foreigners. For Italy, Campione is something like Monaco for France. Even under Mussolini’s rule, until the Second World War, the only casino in Italy was built here, and since then Campione has attracted gambling Italians who want to test their fate.
It is well known that in Switzerland itself it is very difficult and expensive to obtain a residence permit. Possession of real estate in this country makes it possible to only purchase a multiple visa, but not a permanent residence. But in the Campione located on the territory of Switzerland buying a house or apartment.
automatically gives such a right. This is perhaps the only place in Western Europe, where so much preferential treatment is still in place. Residents of the enclave use the services of Swiss mail, their phone numbers appear in the telephone directory of the Swiss canton Ticino, and their cars have Swiss number plates. From the residents of Campione do not require prior receipt of a Swiss entry visa for transit through Switzerland to the enclave and back. Five years after the acquisition of the residence permit, the resident has the right to apply for the citizenship of Italy.
Previously, permanent residence could also be obtained by renting real estate in the enclave. But then abuses arose-the wealthy Europeans issued a residence permit at Campione for a low price, where, according to tradition, taxes were practically not levied to evade taxation in their countries. In some cases, ten German millionaires were officially “registered” in a one-room apartment (in fact, they, of course, still lived in their villas in Germany). Now, however, a permanent residence in the enclave can only be formalized with the purchase of real estate there.