Christina Onassis: the mystery of the death of the daughter of a billionaire.
Christina Onassis is known to the world as the richest Greek Greek woman who inherited a billion-fortune of her father & ndash; Aristotle Onassis.
Christina & ndash; a girl who grew up on her own.
Her childhood spent most of her time on the yacht “Christina”, capable of its displacement and luxury to compete with the yacht of the British Queen. The baby was entertained by playing dolls, each of which was evaluated in a small state.
Aristotle Onassis, 40, concluded his best deal by marrying the 18-year-old Athena Livanos, the daughter of a ship magnate.
Marriage itself was exhausted in two years – the couple did not practically communicate, and everyone lived their own lives. Aris wasted years on a lot of mistresses, who easily bought and easily refused them. The longest time in his arms was the opera diva Maria Callas. The latter performed the smallest whims of her Aristotle, tried to establish communication with his children (Christina had an older brother Alexander), and was ready to do anything, even to get rid of their common child at 7 months of pregnancy. Aris broke with the opera diva suddenly, without explanation, preferring her to the widow of Kennedy – Jacqueline.
And what about Athena & ndash; wife of a billionaire? The lack of attention on his part, the lack of normal family relations pushed the woman toward drugs. She had a lover and often brought him to the yacht, which did not escape the attention of the little Christina.
Christina Onassis: biography of the heiress of the billions.
Children, constantly receiving compensation in the form of expensive toys from a generous but catastrophically busy father, could not stand the illusory idyll, which at one point simply collapsed. The couple divorced, it happened in 1960. The children preferred to live with their mother, who went to Paris. A rebellious spirit pushed Christina to a hasty marriage with 48-year-old Joseph Bolker & ndash; American Jew by nationality, a seller of real estate by profession and divorced by the father of four children.
Aristotle was in a frenzy and put his daughter’s condition immediately divorced, otherwise the inheritance could not be considered. Under the pressure of Onassis, the marriage broke up after 9 months, and Christina made her first attempt to take her own life. Perhaps, by this step she tried to draw attention to herself, devoid of full-fledged parental warmth and living in constant solitude.
The girl tried to stay in society all the time and surround herself with people.
The only heiress of the Greek state.
A little later came the rapprochement of his daughter with his father, who by that time had bought the island of Scorpios. In this fabulous territory, Christina Onassis, the daughter of the richest Greek, began to spend almost all of her time. The irritating factor was the presence of a new stepmother, Jacqueline Kennedy, whom the girl immediately disliked.
In 1973, the family of the billionaire suffered a grief – on his plane at the age of 25 the son of Aristotelis crashed & ndash; Alexander. The circumstances of the death of this experienced pilot, the plane of which was in excellent condition before departure, remained unclear. The only heir to the father’s capital since the death of his brother was Christina Onassis. In 1974, the girl’s mother committed suicide, in the same year her father, Christina, was diagnosed with a terrible disease, & ndash; cancer. Aristotle did not become in 1975. His beloved daughter’s body was transported to Scorpios, where she was buried in a family crypt.
At the head of business is a woman.
My second husband & ndash; Alexandros Andreadis – the heiress of his father’s billion met in this difficult period. For half a year the spouse & laquo; helped & raquo; her half will be reduced to 20 million of her fortune. After that, and because of the difference in the characters, Kristina Onassis filed for divorce and began to seriously engage in business, in which she showed herself as a talented and competent specialist.
Russian novel of Soviet times.
In the period of several crises, she managed to keep the company afloat, showing literacy and listening to the intuition that led her to choose her third husband & ndash; Russian official Sergei Kausov. There are several versions of their acquaintance, and all of them are connected with the holding of negotiations on the supply of oil. Ostensibly, Christine was bribed by a pleasant male voice, speaking in pure English.
Be that as it may, in the life of the Greek billionaire a new novel began, with which counterintelligence of several countries became closely interested. There was a version of the existence that Russia decided to pocket the state of Onassis. Nevertheless, the couple got married. From the side of Christina there were no invited people, but outside the registrar’s office a crowd of foreign journalists waited for them to write about the sensational event. In the Soviet media about the marriage of the Greek rich man and Russian official (who is supposedly still an agent of the KGB), not a word was written. Christina Onassis honestly tried to get accustomed to Moscow: she bought two floors of the building that attracted her in the capital, and began negotiations with the authorities about moving tramways that passed nearby, to another place in order to save themselves from the noise of urban transport. Soviet realities, unusual for a woman of Greek blood, proved to be unbearable even for her. Christina decided to divorce and moved to Europe. Sergei, whose marriage lasted about 2 years, she took abroad (along with her mother), gave him two tankers and arranged for a job in one of their companies. With the light hand of his Greek wife, true, the former, Sergei became a millionaire, later married an Englishwoman.
Peripetias of personal life.
Christina Onassis, one of the richest women on the planet, returned to her beloved Skorpios, where she began to arrange social gatherings. All the celebrities dreamed of visiting this island. It was at this time that she met her fourth husband – Thierry Roussel, under whose influence she left her stormy sprees, dubious acquaintances and tablets. After the wedding, Christina received a course of treatment for drug addiction and returned to her husband as a normal person. From this marriage the couple had a daughter, Athena, but the family union was not saved.
Christina found out that Thierry was meeting his ex-girlfriend in parallel & ndash; Swede Gaby Landhang, who gave birth to him two children.
Christina Onassis: the death of a billionaire.
Christine was very worried about the news of her husband’s betrayal, her pride was not able to accept his double life, because of which the marriage broke up. In the life of the Greek women, drunken parties and questionable drugs returned. In 1988, the secular lioness Christina Onassis decided to move to Buenos Aires to start a quiet life there. Even there were rumors about the possibility of the fifth marriage of Christina. This time as the predicted spouse acted the brother of the girlfriend of the childhood – Georgios Tsolmeksuglu.
November 19, 1988 was the last day of her life: a woman was found dead in the bathroom of her room. The cause of sudden death, which caused a shock in all, was called pulmonary edema, triggered by an overdose of sleeping pills. They buried Christina next to her father and brother – on the island of Scorpios in the family crypt. Many believe that a woman’s business can not succeed, and Christina Onassis (the photo above done in the last days of her life) proved otherwise.
Athena & ndash; continuation of a story.
Her heir in the will Christina recognized her daughter Athena, who immediately took care of her own father & ndash; two-faced Russell. Taking the child to Switzerland, he began to seek the opportunity to be her guardian and, accordingly, the manager of the state, which was simply enormous. According to rough estimates, Athena got about $ 3 billion. At the same time, before her leaving, Cristina deprived Roussel’s share, limiting only his expenses for maintenance.
There is a belief that a kind of curse has been imposed on the genus Onassis, because all who touched the wealth of the empire a little, experienced the merciless blows of Destiny.