Choose a city in Canada.
I wanted to share my thoughts on the choice of the city. We have some means to live and choose and move, etc. Nevertheless, in my opinion very much depends on where there is work, because money is running out quickly, and you want to settle down in one place.
I want to go to a warm climate like Kelowna or London, but I do not think it’s an option to sit there for many years (although for someone like that, but I know myself – I can not sit for 3 years without work or mow lawns) + I think I’ll get postgraduate education and to be certified to be able to work in economics, and large and good universities in large cities.
So we came to the fact that we do not want to go to a cold climate and therefore left the Vancouver, Montreal (although cold, but as an option, because we are going to Quebec), Toronto. We understand that everything is bad in Quebec with work and there you can only learn, but you will have to look for work in other cities. About Vancouver, we realized that we do not want to go to a potentially seismically dangerous place, because the element is unpredictable, although it is very like the city and the proximity of the Okanagan valley.
It remains Toronto, where you can find the most likely work, the climate is acceptable and you can get education and do not fall out of cultural life, because we are still accustomed to the big cities and the idea of living in a quiet backwater for people who have lived in a metropolis we consider to be a Kraural (just to deceive ourselves). Well, as far as adoption and study, you can look at job offers, which is called where you need, and go there. Only in the frost and the tundra of course do not really want. There was also the idea of living in some city, next to Toronto, but it seems to me that traveling 50 km to work and study every day is also difficult.
Another idea first in Montreal to study languages 6-8 months. and there is also the idea of choosing a university for re-education with a diploma that will be recognized in the US, such as McGill – well, so that another option for further work in the US was, suddenly, in Canada it will be difficult to find or something else.
And so far, too, comes to mind to live in Torolonto and watch the suburbs probably this is the most real combination of comfort. M.b. not so cozy in Toronto and a lot of those who came in large numbers, but what you have to sacrifice – it’s like with Msk – you want to but work in Russia and have a good income almost nowhere else.
Although our parents, wise to the experience say – go to a warm climate and try to get settled there – it’s better to spend your energy, but then there will not be any questions about it.
If there are any other opinions or you think that I am mistaken in something, I will be glad to hear the criticism, because The more you read, the more there are options and new ideas.