Certificate of income on citizenship.
The process of registering Russian citizenship is not easy, you need to obtain a residence permit, find housing, work, and confirm the knowledge of the language. The time of naturalization takes no more than eight years. When it’s time to collect documents to get a Russian passport, you will certainly need a certificate of income for citizenship of Russia.
Required level of income.
In the law on citizenship of the Russian Federation there is a buying line – it is necessary to provide confirmation of the existence of a legitimate source of means of subsistence. In fact, before accepting another citizen in their ranks, a country has the right to know whether it will engage in anything illegal, whether it will be able to provide for itself. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what kind of income should be for citizenship in Russia.
The fact is that in the law itself there is no direct indication of the amount of labor payment, but it is obvious that it can not be less than the minimum amount, which for 2016 amounts to 7,500 rubles. At the same time, there is another indicator for determining the well-being of the people – the subsistence level, which, strangely enough, is traditionally higher than the minimum wage. It is calculated both in the whole country, and separately in different regions. For example, in Moscow at the beginning of 2016 it was about 15,000 rubles, and in Russia as a whole – about 10,000 rubles.
In addition, there are separate indicators for different categories of the population & # 8211; able-bodied, retired and children.
Thus, the minimum annual income for obtaining RF citizenship should be equal to twelve subsistence minimums for each person. And what value to take into account, depends on the region of residence of the alien and the composition of his family.
If the employees of the FMS require an applicant from the alien to confirm the existence of a much larger amount, this requirement is not legal and can be appealed in higher instances (inform the department head or file documents with the court).
How to confirm.
The rules for confirming the income of foreign citizens state that the following documents can be adopted as evidence:
certificate of income (2-NDFL); declaration on taxes (3-NDFL); a certificate from the bank on the availability of the deposit; a certificate of income of the person you depend on; pensioner’s ID; confirmation of receipt of alimony; information from social security agencies on the payment of benefits; certificate of inheritance.
Inspector of the FMS can take a combination of these documents as a confirmation of the required level of income, if you, for example, receive alimony, have a bank account and work. The most common way to confirm the income of a citizen is a certificate of income.
If a foreign citizen works officially, the easiest way is to submit a form of 2-NDFL, which at his request will make an accountant. Of course, the amount of wages should not be less than the subsistence level. The certificate is usually accompanied by a labor contract or a copy of the work book.
In addition, it is worth considering that under Russian law, the property of the spouses is in joint ownership. This means that if your second half has Russian citizenship and a large “white” salary, you can use a certificate from her place of work. Pay attention, the entire amount will have to be divided into all family members who are dependent on the employee.
There may be a question, how long it takes to work out to confirm your income. After all, a person could work for a while unofficially or change several jobs. Often inspectors require information about the salary for the last year.
In the text of the law there is no requirement to receive income for any period preceding the submission of documents. It is only a source of existence at the time of applying for citizenship. Therefore, if the citizen has worked for at least three months officially, it is already considered that he works constantly, hence, he receives a salary all the time. However, this situation is a bit like calling a bank for a loan – the more your experience (and your salary), the better.
Perhaps a foreign citizen is not employed, but has other sources of income, not prohibited by law. For example, sold an apartment or leases it. In this case, he is obliged to reimburse the tax and fill out a special document – a tax return. This is the certificate of income of 3-NDFL in the FMS for citizenship.
And the total amount of income should be taken into account, and not the one that remained after the payment of your put 13 percent. For example, with a living wage of 10,000 rubles, you need to show 120,000 rubles in income for the last year. Of these, you will pay into the treasury 120 000 X 13% = 15 600 rubles and get the desired document with a note of the tax inspection.
However, we must remember that, unlike the form of 2-NDFL, a tax return can not be filed at any time convenient for you. There are statutory deadlines in which you need to report to the state for the income received. For example, for the apartment sold in 2015 (your property was less than three years old), it was necessary to fill out and file a declaration by April 30, 2016.
What problems can arise.
Difficulties with the confirmation of income can arise from foreigners who are employed unofficially or receive a “gray” salary. Unfortunately, this is not so rare in our country.
If it is impossible to obtain at least one of the above-mentioned references, another way of confirming the solvency should be taken care of. For example, to have an account with a bank. Or think about another way of registering citizenship. So, the participants in the resettlement program of compatriots are not required to provide proof of their income. And you can find out on what conditions you can obtain Russian citizenship here.
Many applicants for citizenship face such requirements of FMS employees:
a bank account must be opened for a certain period of time before the application is filed, for example, for a year; The amount on the account must be such that the monthly interest is calculated and is the subsistence minimum.
Both of these requirements are illegal. The amount needed to stay is enough to have at the time of application, that is, the account can be quite “fresh.” And the size of the contribution should correspond to twelve subsistence minimums per person. And, of course, after receiving a certificate from the bank, this deposit can be used, because the funds are meant for that.
Problems can arise if you are dependent on a person who is not your close relative or spouse. Even if the size of his salary or other type of income allows you to support yourself, the FMS staff may have a legitimate question as to why he does this and whether he will continue to do so. It is not ruled out that such a fact of support will have to be proved in court.