Cedula de identidad.
Plastic card of a single sample with a built-in chip. Often referred also to carnet / carne de identidad (carne de ididad).
The sample can be viewed on the website Rehistro Civil.
Within 30 days after the insertion into the passport of any resident visa, it is necessary to apply for a national identity card (cedula de identidad, carnet de identidad), which looks like a plastic card.
To apply for an identity card in Rehistro Civil, it is necessary [1]:
– Pasaporte vigente, con la visa de residencia estampada en el y con la certificacion de la inscripcion en el registro de extranjeros de policia internacional.
– Fotocopia simple de las paginas del pasaporte en las que consta: la identificacion del titular, la vigencia del pasaporte y de la visa otorgada, la fecha de entrada al pais (si la visa es consular), y de la tarjeta de registro para extranjero .
Plazos de tramitacion: Primera filiacion: El plazo maximo es de 8 dias habiles, el cual esta sujeto a la verificacion de identidad del solicitante.
– A valid passport with a resident visa and a certificate of entry in the register of foreigners in the International Police.
– Simple photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the identification of the owner, the validity of the passport and the visa received, the date of entry into the country (if the visa is issued at the consulate), and a photocopy of the certificate of entry to the register of aliens.
Deadline: for initial receipt – no more than 8 working days, during which the identity of the person who submitted the application is checked.
In Rehistro Civil Santiago, you must first make photocopies of the necessary pages of the passport and Tarjeta de Registro, then go down to the ground floor (-1) and get the coupon in the queue.
At primary design, fingerprints of all fingers are scanned on a special scanner (this is a mandatory procedure for everyone over 6 years old), they ask you to write the name of the mother and father (you do not need a surname), assign RUN.
The clearance price is 4270 pesos in cash on site, preferably without change.
Waiting for a completed identification card:
You can receive a completed card in another Rehistra Civil office, which must be indicated at the time of application [3].
A card can also be obtained by another person, while he will need [4]:
identification; a receipt in the acceptance of documents for the saddle (comprobante de retiro), which is issued to the applicant; the power of attorney to receive from the applicant is either notarial or simple, certified in Rehistro Civil. If you need to get a card for a minor under the age of 14, this power of attorney is given by one of the parents or legal representatives [5].
With a Chilean ID you can travel without a passport to the following countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia [6].