Caribbean & # 8212; The Caribbean.
No wonder the Caribbean islands, and in common parlance – the Caribbean, are associated with an elite carefree holiday. There are all conditions for a magical rest: juicy landscapes, many kilometers of golden beaches, year-round warm sea, lots of offers to spend unforgettably leisure, comfortable resort areas and entertainment complexes. The only problem that arises in the way of a potential tourist, which of the hospitable states to give preference to, because any of the islands is good in its own way.
Caribs are conventionally divided into large, small and Bahamian islands:
The group of small Caribbean islands (14,095 km ) includes more than 40 islands; In the large Caribbean islands (216,260 km ) five island states: Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas; The Bahamian archipelago (14 535 km ) is about 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited.
The territory of Haiti, the second largest island of the Caribbean, is divided into two states: the western part belongs to the ringing Republic of Haiti, the eastern part to the Dominican Republic.
Caribbean on the map.
The Caribbean on the world map or a detailed map of the selected island can be viewed using the navigation buttons (+/-). Caribbean islands on the map.
The placer of the Caribbean islands, large and not very large, is between the Americas – the South and North, the coast of each is washed by the warm Caribbean Sea. In some countries, popular in the tourist industry, the water area is called the Antilles Sea, and the islands, respectively, are Antilles.
The area of the Caribbean Islands is equal to almost 245,000 km , the largest is Cuba (105,806 km ), Haiti is the second largest (76,479 km ), the top three of the West Indian giants are colorful Jamaica (11,188 km ). The above-mentioned lands are also leaders in the height of the mountains. The most miniature, whose territory does not exceed 5 km , is Mystic, Isla Mujeres and Navassa. Virtually the entire Caribbean archipelago of volcanic origin. The total number of extremely friendly population is about 50 mn. human.
Holidays in the Caribbean.
The Caribbean Sea is a real affectionate miracle! The inexpressible charm of the underwater kingdom simply can not remain indifferent. The temperature of the azure waters does not drop below 25 , the amber sun rarely disappears behind the clouds, the color range of countless beaches varies from pinkish-silver to iridescent black. If you still take into account the mild tropical climate, man-made and nature-created beauty and high-quality service, then the best place, definitely, for a rest is not found.
Offer Caribbean super diversions for every taste, wallet, preferences and age. Diving, sea fishing, eco-tours, officially authorized casinos, golf, cricket, thematic cruises, regattas, romantic walks on absolutely deserted coast, water skiing, jeep safari, wellness treatments, famous sparkling carnivals, tasting tours, shopping, night discos , music festivals, familiarity with ancient monuments and museums – this is just a meager part of what awaits the lucky ones going to the Caribbean islands.
The exotic cuisine harmoniously intertwined with the European, as many Caribbean islands are overseas colonies. Certainly worth a try culinary masterpieces from seafood, unusual for the taste and appearance of guava, carom, cheremoyu, mouth-watering sweets based on sugar cane grown everywhere, and noble cocktails – mojito, pina kolada, strawberry daiquiri – will be a pleasant bonus for guests.
As souvenirs, numerous shops offer real pirate rum in creatively designed bottles, local aromatic cigars, intricate products made of ceramics, shells, wood, stone.
When it is better to go to the Caribbean.
Traditionally, the most comfortable time for a tour to the Caribbean islands is from December to mid-May. However, for some of them the trip will not disappoint in other months, it all depends on the specific geographical location of the state. The average air temperature in the Caribbean is from + 26 to + 30 .
Dream, a fairy tale, a song … Perhaps, not to choose a suitable comparison for a chic vacation in the Caribbean islands. Sultry and passionate, virgin and naive and glamorous-respectable, mysterious and open – the inexplicable magnetism of the Caribbean is felt from the first moments, and memory returns to happy days of fantastic travel for many more years.