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& laquo; Emigration to the Caribbean & raquo;
The Caribbean traditionally attracts relative simplicity of obtaining citizenship. In addition to the opportunity to live on the islands, the passport of the Caribbean states gives the right to visit without a visa to 138 countries. One way to get it & mdash; buying a property. On the conditions of emigration to the islands & mdash; in the material of “Gazety.Ru”.
Citizenship in exchange for investment in the economy or when buying real estate offers four states of the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis. & laquo; Moving to Estonia was easy & raquo;
In these countries there are two ways to obtain a passport: to buy real estate for a certain amount or to invest in a fund selected by the state, that is, in fact, to give money to the country.
The minimum amount of investment in real estate & mdash; in Dominica. It is enough to buy an object for $ 200 thousand.
A lone investor may find it easier to give money to the state, then the passport will cost $ 100 thousand. But a family of two people with two children will have to pay the same $ 200 thousand as for real estate.
The most “expensive” passport is Antigua and Barbuda. For the real estate here you need to pay $ 400 thousand & mdash; the same as in St. Kitts and Nevis, but due to additional fees the total amount will be greater.
Source: NTL Trust Limited.
In this case, as a rule, the government decides which objects foreigners can invest in. Owning a purchased property needs from three to five years. Living in these countries is not always necessary, but Antigua and Barbuda need to be spent at least seven days a year.
The citizenship of the countries of the Caribbean Sea is most often acquired not for permanent residence, but in order to obtain the right to visa-free entry into other countries. Typically, clients of such programs & mdash; these are businessmen who are doing business in Europe or Asia, who often make business trips, says Julia Kozhevnikova, the leading expert of the company “Tranio”.
The Caribbean passport gives the right to visit from 90 to 138 countries. The greatest opportunities are provided by Antigua and Barbuda. How to move to Portugal.
“There is an advantage in Grenada & mdash; this is a visa-free China. Now, when much is said about interaction with Asia, for businessmen this is especially important “, & mdash; says consultant on the programs of emigration NTL Trust Limited Alexandra Erlanger.
In general, all countries can boast of visa-free entry to the Schengen countries, the Commonwealth of Nations, Great Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore. Canada only Antigua and Barbuda can offer its citizens.
In terms of investment attractiveness, real estate in the Caribbean countries & mdash; not the best choice. The investment potential of the Caribbean countries is now extremely small, and their economic condition does not allow making unambiguously optimistic forecasts.
According to Indriksons, the profitability of the facilities of Antigua and Barbuda does not exceed 4% per annum, housing on the island of Dominica is able to bring only 4.2 to 4.9%, real estate of the islands of Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis & mdash; from 4 to 4.6% per annum.
“In addition, the housing market in the islands is limited, there can not be high demand, including in the rental sector, and therefore local facilities can hardly be called liquid,” & mdash; said the manager of investment in real estate, the founder of the company Igor Indriksons.
Another reason why real estate in these countries remains unattractive in terms of investment & mdash; high taxes, which range from 15% to 35%. Taxes here pay both on income from the rental of real estate, and on income from the sale of the asset. Therefore, the Caribbean islands are suitable only for those who want to quickly get a passport or is going to live there permanently. Other relevant materials daily on your e-mail: SHARE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.
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I got the citizenship of Grenada through the company REALITY LLC, helped with the investment program and subsequent design!
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