canton of Bern, Switzerland.
Berne & ndash; One of the 26 Swiss cantons, located in the heart of the country, with the same administrative center, the city of Bern. Thanks to many natural attractions, the canton of Bern is rightfully considered one of the most picturesque areas of Switzerland.
The formation of the canton began with the erection of the city of Bern at the end of the 12th century. Until the XVI century the territory of the canton was constantly increasing due to the conquests or acquisitions of land. So in the middle of the 16th century, Bern acquired a significant part of the modern canton of Waugh, and the last acquisition was the Kyonitz comet, which Berne purchased from the Teutonic Order in the middle of the 18th century. By the end of the XVIII century, control over the territory of the canton of Vaud was lost.
Berne is a bilingual canton & ndash; about 85% of the population speaks German and 7.6% speaks French, in Jura.
In the south-eastern part of the canton are mountainous areas called the Bernese Highlands, although in fact they are the northern part of the Bernese Alps. There are two picturesque lakes Toner-Zee and Brintzer-Ze, connected by the river Are. This area has the status of a separate subregion, which was previously a separate canton. Travelers are attracted to these landscapes by stunning landscapes of mountain landscapes, the cleanest mountain lakes and rivers, in addition, the Bernese Highlands is considered to be the most easily accessible part of the Swiss Alps, in which the “three” is located & majestic mountains & ndash; Eiger (3970), Monch (4107) and Jungfrau (4158).
No less beautiful is the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which extends south of Interlaken. Many tourists consider the valley as the most picturesque in all the Alps, to which there are good reasons. The huge river cleft of the U-shaped form, considered one of the deepest on the planet, stretches for several kilometers. On the river there are about 70 waterfalls and rapids, giving it an incredibly breathtaking view. In the middle of Lauterbrunnen there are two first-class ski resorts: Murren and Wengen.
Murren stretches south-west of the village of Lauterbrunnen and attracts with its trails many lovers of mountain skiing. Rising to the peak of Schilthorn, the tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ice fields, the summit of Mont Blanc and Lake Tuner-Zee.
In the eastern side, just above Lauterbrunnen, there is the Wengen ski resort, which rests on its trails to the valley. This is one of the most popular resorts in the country, where each January international competitions are held for slalom and downhill. In summer, when there is no snow, Wengen turns into the starting point of the footpath to Mount Jungfrau.
In the east of the canton of Bern, the Emme River flows. Along the river valley stretches a lot of villages that are famous for their ancient dairy, and on low green hills the local cows are grazed. This region is home to the world-famous cheese emmental and delicious champagne “Beeri Schampis”, made from local meringue berries. Tourists choose this region to live in tranquility and plunge into the culture of highlanders, settling in old houses on the slope of the mountains.
The mountain is low.
One of the most colorful mountains in the ridge of the Bernese Alps is Mount Nizen. She is threateningly guarding Lake Thun and laughing at the turits by her name, because in German Nizen it’s a sneeze. Height of 2362 meters, it has long been a favorite object for hiking. The reason for this is the following. On the slope of Mount Nisen, in Zha. More & rarr;
Mount Eiger.
The third highest mountain in the Bernese Alps, part of the famous Jungfrau-Monch-Eiger Trio, is very popular with mountain climbers. The absolute height of the summit is 3,970 meters, and it ranks third among its neighbors. For many years, Eiger attracted his landscapes pu. More & rarr;
Ski resort Lenk.
In the resort town Lenk live only 2 thousand people, which is ten times less than tourists who come here every year. Often you can find another name for this place – Simmental. There is a very developed infrastructure and everything has to family rest. Summer vacation is more pleasant. More & rarr;
Ski Resort Adelboden.
The Swiss resort of Adelboden is at an altitude of almost 1.5 km above sea level. A real paradise for both gurus and beginners of skiing. Annually at the beginning of the year on the local pistes are the World Cup competitions in alpine skiing. The season of mountain skiing lasts from December to May, though, h. More & rarr;
One of the three highest peaks of the Bernese Highlands, located on the border of the canton of Bern with the canton of Valais. It is located to the west of the Monkhsjoh pass and to the north of the Great Aletsch glacier. Thanks to the cog railway connecting Monch with Jungfrau, it has become very popular. More & rarr;
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