Canada will increase the number of immigrants in 2017.
Canada will increase the number of immigrants in 2017.
The Minister of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada, John McCallum, announced his intention to “significantly increase” the number of new immigrants in Canada with the aim of compensating for the shortage of labor. The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada plans to launch an immigration program in early 2017 to attract foreign specialists and skilled workers to Canada, in which all possible obstacles will be lifted or eased. A new immigration plan will be presented this fall.
& # 171; We are going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system and we believe that it can be simplified. We believe that there are some rules where there is no longer any need, “said the Minister of Immigration John McCallum.
Earlier this year, the liberal government of Canada submitted its immigration plan for 2016, according to which Canada plans to accept about 300,000 new permanent residents this year. This was the highest quota in modern Canadian history, it was increased by seven percent compared to 2015. The annual immigration plan, as a rule, is published every fall with tasks for the next year. Unfortunately, the immigration plan for 2016 was not prepared because of the elections to the Canadian Parliament that fell out in the fall of 2015, and the new government did not have enough time to properly prepare the immigration plan for 2016.
The new government of Canada took office in late 2015, it inherited the Express Entry system from its conservative predecessor and the new government did not have enough time to make its changes or reforms in the immigration system.
The Express Entry system began operating in January 2015, after the first rounds of selection, the minimum score of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) stabilized at a minimum mark of 450 points. Unfortunately, most people who submitted their application for immigration to Canada on the Express Entry scored far less than 450 points.
According to the latest announcements by the Ministry of Immigration on the increase in the number of immigrants on economic programs, which in turn are included in the Express Entry system, changes are planned in the CRS Complex Selection System and a lowering of the minimum score, which will allow many potential candidates to receive an ITA invitation.
It is worth noting that the government has promised to revise the Express Entry system and make the necessary changes to the existing system. These changes can occur at any time.
Changes in other areas of immigration.
Minister John McCallum also announced his intention to make a number of other changes before the end of 2016, including changes to the Citizenship Act of Canada and changes in the program of Temporary Foreign Workers, including amendments to the labor market impact assessment. & # 8212; Lab Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
We plan to cancel some of the barriers in our immigration system. We do not think that prospective immigrants should go through the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) procedure. assessment of the impact on the labor market. We are sure that there is no longer any need for some existing rules, and we intend to change them. We are convinced that we need to simplify the process of immigration to Canada. & # 187;
The Ministry of Immigration of Canada has always considered foreign students to be the top priority category of immigrants, for them it is planned to simplify the procedure for obtaining the status of resident after graduation in Canada.
If you ask me which of the immigrant groups is the best for becoming future citizens of Canada, I will answer that these are foreign students. & # 8212; said the Minister of Immigration John McCallum.
A new immigration plan will be presented this fall.
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