Canada social immigration
In Canada, one of the most humane social systems has been created. The essence of this.
system is that the state guarantees a certain level.
life to any person, whether he is a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident.
on the territory of the country or as a refugee. Collecting income tax on progressive.
scale from the entire working population, the state provides financial assistance.
(WELFARE) to anyone who is for any reason incapacitated or unable to find.
your work. In this way, Canada excludes the appearance of a class on its land.
people below the poverty line.
Due to this, the state was able to control the level.
crime and prevent social tension, is inevitable.
It is a society in which poor and desperate people live.
This social policy, combined with a high level of moral.
stability and clear work of law enforcement agencies,
allows Canada to remain one of the safest states in the world,
in which the level of crime is incredibly low, and social conflicts.
Taxes go mainly to social programs. Canadians are often called.
its social security system “social safety net”.
Assistance programs are designed for all sectors of society, especially at.
Underage children, the unemployed and the elderly. The main ones.
types of social assistance are:
A child allowance has been introduced since January 1993. It is paid to families with low and middle income, in which there are children who have not reached the age of 18. The amount of the benefit depends on the total annual income of the family. The maximum amount of child support is C $ 489.