Canada immigration podcasts
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27. Summer as the beginning of a new life.
Methods of sorting news Children’s day About strange holidays Positive moments of graduation Tulip festival in Ottawa Open doors in Toronto Looking for a job or creating your own business About Startup Weekend Toronto Mood of the Seasons.
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26. Happy birthday podcast.
Suddenly, the podcast turned 1 year old. What are the elections in Canada? The main political parties in Canada Who is the head of Canada Election results May 2 Weather in Toronto.
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25. What is it like to be a lawyer in Canada.
An interview with a lawyer from Toronto, Pulat Yunusov.
How to Become a Lawyer in Canada How to Apply to the Law School Confirmation of a Diploma for Admission to the Faculty of Law What is the competition for admission to Law School in Canada? 3 Conditional categories of students in law school Are lawyers a highly paid profession? Types and Types of Lawyers in Canada Law of Precedence and Common Law in Canada Why are laws often very general? The Constitution of Canada as the supreme law of society. Differences between American and Canadian systems of jurisprudence and justice. What is a jury? Advocacy of lawyers in society.
The lawyers of the firm in which Pulat works are able to help in a dispute with the employer, with a civil suit or in a commercial dispute, and also protect in conflict with the tax authorities. Coordinates for communication can be found on the site of Pulat & # 8211;
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The swallow flies to us in spring.
Not for the purpose of justification, but simply as information,
I would like to say that the situation with the podcast is now this:
one interview is recorded, but not mounted,
one & # 8211; scheduled and agreed, but not recorded,
one issue of the podcast I even recorded, but did not release for some political reasons,
I’m going to rewrite it and post it this or next week,
but in general, I have a repair in near full swing,
I do not need to lean against a microphone in the house.
But the idea of podcasts has not yet been abandoned,
although, of course, not so zealously everything happens, as in the beginning.
To be continued.
24. Happy New Year, or Hello Again!
Reasons for not leaving the podcast. Steve Jobs resignation & # 8211; marketing genius of our time I & # 8211; owner of the prototype iPad Changes in the rules for issuing a mortgage in Canada Differences in the policy of lending between the US and Canada What is home refinancing in Canada Murder of a policeman in Toronto, and a funeral that turned into a demonstration of power Is the life of the police life of another citizen equal? Canada? My attitude towards the police in Canada Do we live in a feudal society? Can I be taken to a police station in Canada for expressing my opinion? My recent experience of meeting with a Canadian policeman on the road Banning the Money for Nothing songs of the band Dire Straits in Canada About gays in the bad sense of the word Are artificial inhibitions artificial?
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I’m delayed with a new release,
like the New Year and noisy,
I already and have had been ill, and have recovered,
but before the podcast of the new can not reach.
If not this week, then on weekends & # 8211; exactly.
23. Immigration to Quebec and life in Montreal.
Why immigrate to the province of Quebec Why Montreal and not another city in Quebec What has changed in life after immigration What is lacking in Canada Are there many Russian speakers in Montreal Montreal as the cultural capital of the province Are there Montreal tourism differences from immigration How about working in Montreal? Is it easy for a newcomer to survive in Montreal? Social programs in the province of Quebec How to immigrate to Quebec? National composition of Montreal.
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22. November 7 as an excuse to compare Canada and the USSR.
Day of the October Revolution and memories that he casts Where better to live & # 8211; in the USSR or in Canada Two ways of life & # 8211; revolutionary and philistine Rock music from the point of view of revolution and restlessness What is a holiday on November 11 in Canada Is Remembrance Day close to immigrants What does the Canadian army in Afghanistan Attributes of the national holiday or the interests of small business How the news is selected for this podcast Is there a mafia in Canada, or for which the noble don crashed. Are the mafia cases interesting to Canadian society.
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21. Fritz Morgen: interview about time.
Anonymity on the Internet – good or bad? Is it easy to publish blog posts every day Further development of the metasatanism theory Why juvenile justice issues may be more important than other problems How long does today’s online permissiveness of bloggers differ from professional journalists Emigration is for someone an outlet or a manifestation of weakness? Fritz Morgen and podcasting Changing the mask on the Internet as a consequence of the transition to another level (development?)