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Maybe first – How do I search for a job offer?
1. Most – using the Internet, there are many search sites, mailing letters and CVs for some auto centers in Canada ..
2. Lawyer – well, this is a separate topic.
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Although there is another option to make the wife the main applicant, because she is a doctor, in the specialty (paramedic) and there is an experience of work as a nurse, but with the English finally can be a problem, but we are teaching.
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CANADA may begin to receive new applications for its popular Federal Skilled Worker Program in March, Canadian Consul General in Guangzhou Weldon Epp said Tuesday.
Additionally, the consul general said he did not know when Canada would resume its Immigrant Investor Program.
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Thanks for good news! Only sorry that it will open later than I had hoped for (January)
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We tighten the tongue, we pass tests)))
07/06/12 – Interview (Kyiv)
07/12/12 – Nomination (LoA)
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In addition to the inevitable complication – nothing, of course. Manitoba, IMHO, decided to follow the path of Quebec, who also was once the checkpoint No. 1 in Canada and energetically recruited the people (although he solved several other problems, in my opinion). Quebec’s program was once very easy and fast. But over time, things got longer and harder. At the moment, it’s probably more difficult and longer to pass through Quebec than in the federal one (unless the list of professions for Quebecers is wider).
I think that the manitobs are doing the right thing – they will pick up people now, Manitoba will cease to be an empty and uninhabited wilderness, where for the last 5 years the population has grown by only 60 thousand and, naturally, from those who have the choice to go, not very much someone wants to. And except Winnipeg, there is really no place to go. All the rest is ancient. Therefore, the only chance to attract people here is this relatively simple provincial program.
A couple of years will pass, they will accumulate human potential, will cease to be such a wilderness, more work will appear and the people will go there and with their own progress as quietly as possible, then the requirements of the program will change, lists of professions are held, the demand for languages is higher, etc. Well, you know.
I now do not understand what neighboring Saskatchevann tupit. The same beautiful steppes with bears, nat. parks, but without people.
Many people will not be taken to such provinces immediately, of course. For a large number of people, there will not be work now. But gradually the flow will grow, and the demands on immigrants will also grow.
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Life must be lived in such a way that it would not be painfully painful for aimlessly lived years. Nikolay Ostrovsky.
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Preliminary lists of working professions are already known.
Here are excerpts from the “Proposed regulatory changes.” to the Federal Skilled Worker Program & quot ;.
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