By suitcases!
Business immigration & # 8212; perhaps, the only truly true way of immigration to the United States. Having gone this way, you can safely expect to get a residence permit, and then permanent residence, and citizenship of the star-striped country. Of course, the requirements for immigrants are traditionally high, but the reward is also great. Many would like to live and work, or to do business in the United States, but not at all this succeeds.
The US investment program for business immigrants is the most flexible in the world. The country does not make any demands on age, education in business, work experience and knowledge of the language. Investors are not required to continuously and be in the US, they can conduct business and maintain professional relations in their own country. The program of business immigration in the US gives its participants considerable freedom, since an immigrant is not required to manage his investments operatively, he should only participate actively. in the activities of the project. In practice, this means that a business immigrant can act as a limited partner, and engage in other professional or personal activities, living in any part of the United States.
Participation in the program of business immigration to the United States ensures the issuance of temporary residence permits for the immigrant himself and his family. The temporary residence permit is issued for two years. To receive it, you must invest at least one million dollars in a business where you have at least ten full-time jobs for US citizens. If investments are made in certain regions, the so-called “Regional Centers”, then the amount of necessary investment can be reduced by half. In two years the temporary residence permit can be replaced by a permanent one, of course, provided that the business is working and fulfilling the plan, and the workplaces are created in the required quantity.
Having thus received a permanent residence in two years, an immigrant and members of his family can enter and leave the US without a visa, live in any part of the country and work without special permission, and also enjoy benefits with paid education on an equal basis with citizens of the country. Time in the status of temporary residence permit is also taken into account when acquiring citizenship. Having spent in the United States at least five years in the amount and not having any violations, you can apply for citizenship. Having passed the corresponding examination and having settled the formalities, the immigrant will become the owner of the desired passport, which opens a visa-free entrance to most countries of the world.
Of course, one can not say that business immigration in the US is simple. This is an expensive process that requires a lot of waste, besides it is necessary either to have the skills of doing business, or to have a lot of money. But this method of immigration was and remains one of the most faithful to all those who dream of living in the United States. Of course, there is still a lottery Green Card, but participation in it gives only a very illusory chance to fulfill your dreams.