Buying a property in Slovakia gives you the right to live in the country all year round?
I’m going to buy real estate in Slovakia, so I’m interested in the question of whether I can stay in the country all year round, as in many countries the stay even for property owners is limited. Buying a property in Slovakia gives you the right to live in the country all year round?
Indeed, in Slovakia, compared to other EU member countries, more favorable conditions have been created for foreign investors.
Therefore, the purchase of real estate in Slovakia gives the right not only to receive a multiple semi-annual visa, but also the right to obtain a temporary residence permit (and then a permanent residence permit). Thus, by purchasing real estate in Slovakia, you will have the right to live in the country all year round.
Since December 21, 2012, Slovakia has been the first in the EU to issue a Schengen multivisa (multiple entry visa) for 2-5 years for Russian and Ukrainian citizens with a firm or real estate in Slovakia. Previously, the multivisa was issued only for 180 days. The term for processing the visa is reduced to 2-5 days. An interesting fact, considering that the European Union is not going to cancel the visa regime with Russia and Ukraine. Slovakia such a position of the EU is unprofitable, therefore, it went its own way.
Some citizens of Russia and Ukraine, especially the retirement age, live in Slovakia without establishing a company, without a residence permit and a residency permit.
They simply buy an apartment or a house and, together with them, get the right to a multivisa (multiple visa) from 2 to 5 years to Slovakia and the Schengen area. Pensions from Russia are received through a bank (ATM or Internet banking). Pensioners are most interested in resort and quiet small towns surrounded by nature.
After the validity of the multivisa, they overcome it for 2-5 years and continue to live quietly in a beautiful, inexpensive country with a high standard of living, in which the Russian language is understood and the Russians are treated with sympathy.