Buying a property as a way to get a residence permit abroad.
Asking the question: “where can I get a residence permit when buying a property?” Many of our compatriots want to hear the names of countries that fall into the category of “European”. Some people are attracted by the opportunity to move freely around the Schengen states, while others dream of settling in quiet places after retirement, where the grass seems to be greener, and the social package is “thicker”.
Alas, & laquo; old Europe & raquo; does not hasten to open its doors to strangers, and property owners can guarantee only certain visa benefits: 90 days in a half year or 180 days a year is within its limits.
A residence permit for a certain period ensures all the rights of a citizen of the country, with the exception of the right to take part in the political life of the state. In some countries it is also necessary to obtain a work permit. In addition, unlike the citizenship of residence permit it is necessary to extend: different states offer different terms of extension.
Perhaps, it is here to get a residence permit when buying a property the easiest, because between the acquisition of real estate and obtaining residence permits, you can safely put an equal sign. Restrictions on the value of real estate is not here, so to design the residence permit you need: a package of documents, time and money.
This is one of the few countries in the EU where you can get a residence permit when buying real estate. Every year more than 300 thousand Russian citizens visit the island. Having been here, falling in love with nature and the atmosphere, many people are lighting up ideas to buy accommodation in Cyprus and get a cherished & laquo; view & raquo ;. However, it is not as easy to do this as in the already mentioned Turkey.
Since 2009, the Cyprus authorities have introduced a law according to which investors who bought property worth more than � 300,000 are easier to obtain a permit for permanent residence in the country.
UAE: Expensive pleasure without the right to citizenship.
Emirates are known for their development projects, luxury skyscrapers and car numbers, the cost of which sometimes amounts to millions of Euros. An easy way to get a residence permit from such an expensive country in every sense is not expected. Speaking about living in the UAE, it will be more correct to use the concept of “resident visa”.
Latvia, perhaps, is the country most popular with Russian real estate buyers. According to ����� ���������� from company VEIJA, 90% of foreign buyers of habitation & ndash; Russians. The reason for so much high interest is simple & ndash; Entered into force on July 1, 2010, a new law on immigration & raquo; which allows foreigners to receive & ndash; buyers of real estate residence in Latvia for a period of five years.
This direction is still exotic for most Russians. However, the situation is gradually changing. So, according to the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, in the first half of 2011 the country was visited by 52 thousand Russian tourists. This is 59.2% more than a year earlier.
Panama: a country with a visa-free visit to the European Union.
Today this country & ndash; the most important global financial and banking center of Latin America. More and more foreigners come here not only for recreation, but also for doing business and buying real estate. By the way, this is the basis for obtaining a residence permit: it is necessary to purchase one or several objects worth at least $ 300,000.
Author Natalia Krutkova.
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