Business services in Montenegro.
How can I get a residence permit in Montenegro?
We offer assistance in obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a work permit. The place of your work will be indicated on the stamp & ndash; a residence permit, which is put on the passport. The permit is applied by the firm. The firm registers with you. After obtaining a work permit and preparing documents, the documents are submitted to the police.
This procedure applies to foreigners who do not need a visa to enter Montenegro.
What documents do I need to prepare for a residence permit?
To register a company, a client needs a foreign passport.
For the residence permit, the client must show the address in Montenegro (the address where he will live during the validity of residence permit), the availability of funds on his account in Montenegrin bank (400 euros minimum) and have a tourist registration card (the so-called “beli karton” , which can be obtained at a travel agency in Budva), plus sign all the forms from our lawyer.
Our lawyer will prepare the documents necessary for the registration of the company and obtaining residence permit, including a certified power of attorney, work permit, medical book, registration in the pension fund, receipt of the identification number.
What does the procedure for registering a company and residence permit look like?
The firm can be opened by proxy, or personally, by coming to us in Budva. After the registration of the company and obtaining a work permit, our lawyer prepares a package of documents for obtaining residence permit. You put the documents in the police. In the police you are photographed and fingerprinted. After 20 – 30 days you with the passport come to the police, where you put a stamp of permission to stay in Montenegro (residence permit) for 12 months.
Terms of registration of a company in Montenegro.
The registration of a company in Montenegro takes about 10 – 15 days. To register, the future owner of the company must come to Montenegro, meet with our lawyer, sign the forms and power of attorney to create the company. To conduct business, the firm must obtain a tax number, register with the pension fund and open an account with a local bank.
Terms of obtaining residence permit in Montenegro.
The registration of a company in Montenegro takes about 10 – 15 days. After that, obtaining a work permit takes 2 n 3 days, then the documents are handed over to the police. The documents are there for 20- 30 days, after which you get a residence permit for 12 months in the police.
How much is the registration of the company?
The cost of our services for the registration of a company in Montenegro in the name of the client & ndash; 550 euros.
Cost of services for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro.
Our services cost 830 euros. This amount includes the registration of a firm in Montenegro in your name, obtaining a work permit (you must provide the address of residence in the HH during the validity of residence permit) and the preparation of documents for a temporary residence permit.
What additional costs arise in connection with the activities of the company?
Owning a firm in Montenegro, even if it is a company that exists only formally and does not lead activities, requires attention and cost. You will need to hire an accountant and pay salaries plus social security contributions, health insurance, etc., monthly for each employee. Each year, your minimum costs for a firm consisting of two employees (director and secretary) will be approximately 1900-2000 euros. The firm D.O.O. (limited liability company) does not pay tax if there is no profit.
Can I apply for a residence permit in Montenegro?
We can help to arrange documents for temporary residence for emergency. A private entrepreneur pays a monthly fixed amount & ndash; several hundred euros, depending on the planned turnover and type of activity, (including deductions to the pension fund and health insurance), regardless of whether it receives a profit or not.
What is the profit tax in Montenegro?
For organizations, the income tax rate is 9%. Personal Income Tax & ndash; 9 & amp; 37 ;.
Standard VAT rate & ndash; 17 & amp; 37 ;. Reduced & ndash; 7 & amp; 37 ;.
Where is your company located? If there are Russian-speaking staff in the staff?
We are in Budva. There are no Russian-speaking staff in the state, so it is desirable to stipulate all questions in advance, during the correspondence.
Does prolonged absence affect the repeated receipt of the annual borrow (residence permit)?
As we were assured in the police, since the residence permit is issued on the basis of a work permit, the applicant can travel outside of Montenegro and the period of his absence is irrelevant (it is understood that a person pays all taxes, is on a permanent job, and can leave for official affairs).
Can you help with the acquisition of commercial real estate in Montenegro?
Our realtors have seventeen years of experience in this area and will be able to provide support at all stages of the acquisition of real estate, including preliminary verification of documents for ownership of real estate, support in the process of buying and selling real estate, transfer of ownership when registering a transaction in court and assisting in legalization property in the Cadastre.
Can I land on an individual? & Ndash; not a citizen of Montenegro?
The Montenegrin law allows foreigners to freely purchase residential and commercial property in Montenegro. Residential and commercial real estate in Montenegro, mostly located in private ownership. Since March 2009, a law has come into force allowing foreigners to purchase land on general grounds.
What is the procedure for buying and selling real estate?
After you find the real estate you want to buy, our lawyer will help to draw up a preliminary contract of sale. After this, as a rule, the buyer makes a deposit, usually 10 & # 37; of the amount of the contract. After this, the final contract is concluded, stipulating the payment terms for the remaining amount, usually within a month. This can be done either in cash or by transferring money to the bank account. The import into Montenegro of cash and funds on the credit card is not limited. After payment, the buyer and seller file a deal in court, while paying a fee & ndash; 2? of the declared value of the property. The relatively low level of bureaucratization of the state mechanism will allow the purchase and sale of real estate in Montenegro to be completed within a few days. As a licensed real estate agent, our firm acts as a guarantor for both the buyer and the seller at the time of the purchase.
If I get to Montenegro, on foot, without documents.
To issue a residence permit and work permit without documents (passport) will not work.
Can I bring my wife and child with me, and I can only draw up the documents for myself?
The law provides for a residence permit for a spouse, but, as practice shows, it is more reliable to issue a work permit and a residence permit for a husband and wife.