Business in Argentina.
How to start a business in Argentina?
The average amount of investment that you will need to open your Argentine case is about $ 20,000. Of these, 12,000 will go to the company’s charter capital (this is the minimum amount). Consider that you will need to spend a certain amount for renting a room, and the cost of renting in Buenos Aires will come cheap (as in all capitals). If you are looking for other cities (Mar del Plata, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Rosario or others), then the rental price can go a little lower, but it all depends on the location and condition of the room.
What business can I successfully open in Argentina?
4. Restaurant. The sphere of catering is an advantageous investment almost always and everywhere. In Argentina, a lot of tourists, so cafes and restaurants are most beneficial to discover in places where travelers like to wander. But, most likely, you will have one problem – all such places are already occupied by operating restaurants, bars and cafes. You have two options – either find an institution for sale and buy it, or open a restaurant in a “non-tourist” place, but make it so that people from all areas specially traveled to visit it. It is not easy to do this. If you already have a restaurant business experience and there are some unrealized ideas, then you have much more chances for success.
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From the perspective of the applicant we have already considered the interview. The article “How to behave in an interview” described the main points.
Forbes continues to please us with expert ratings. And we – continue to share them with you. In 2015, one of the most interesting became.
“Sell me this pen!” – said the manager of the company and pushed his pen to you, which had just turned in his hand. The situation is familiar.
Philips was founded more than 100 years ago. From a small family business grew a huge corporation, whose name is not easy.
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