Business immigration to Slovenia.
Obtaining residence permit in Slovenia on the basis of opening a company without investment in the economy of the country!
To whom it is interesting to write, I will gladly answer all questions.
Good afternoon, dear compatriot !! I want to get to know you and talk to you if you are good at this topic.
I am ready to invest even money in the economy of Slovenia, but to ensure that everything is secure!
My name is Vladomir.
How much does the opening of a company cost? judging by the wiki mono-national country, do not like foreigners?
Threat, it appears enters the eu.
To Russian, Belarusians and Ukrainians are excellent, the full opening of the company will cost from 13 to 15 thousand euros. If you come in the light of investment will be from 30 to 40 thousand euros.
tujec, a very uncompetitive proposal, considering the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania (the same European Union, Schengen, etc.) when opening a company with a statutory fund of only 2.900 (two thousand nine hundred and not twenty-nine thousand) euros. And the same residence permit for six months. And the statutory fund does not escape anywhere.
With Estonia, a similar situation.
tujec, oh yes, forgot to mention: Lithuanian intermediaries for opening services take a maximum of 1.000 euros. And if you know where to go, then for 500 with all help. And yuadrres, and accounts department for 100 euros a month will be found.
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enricofabris, if the goal – to really live in the EU – the Ella Residence permit is not as interesting as the Slovenian one.
What will you do with it? Lithuania is in deep ass in terms of economics and demography.
And if you want to live in another country – all for a new one.
But the proposal is really non-competitive. \
The opening of the company in Slovenia costs 1,500 euros + 7500 in the statutory fund, which, however, unlike Lithuanian, can not be removed.
Well, the euro 400 per month payments are different.
In Slovenia, the legal address and accounting will also go to a maximum of 150 euros. The authorized capital will be with the company and you have the right to spend it (telephone and other expenses related to the company), the authorized capital is 7500 plus registration services (in 1500 euros do not invest exactly). The advantages of Slovenia is the center of Europe bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. There are ski resorts and access to the Adriatic Sea. If the goal is simply to get a residence permit and ride around Europe, then Lithuania is a great option, but if you move to Europe with minimal costs, then Slovenia is a great place.
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you just did not specify that the firm should really work. and work with profit (they do not need fiction quickly without deduction of taxes).
. the salary there is an average> 1000. here and figure out what you need to do and how much in business to blame to unwind.
+ clerical work in Slovenian.
. there it is easier for an employee to leave. easier and cheaper)
Threat and Bled, yes, beautiful. especially in autumn.
. sorry for the cheap there do not fly from Minsk.
It’s very hard for a hired worker to get a job, you need to find an employer, and he already has to prove to the government that you are much better as an expert than citizens of Slovenia. The average salary in the country is 800 �.
Everyone already knows the experience of business immigration to the Czech Republic, the firms of many did not show activities and this was the reason not to extend the residence permit, all is fair. And what will the firm deal with its owner.
When you open a company in Slovenia, you are entitled to any kind of activities other than tourist and gambling (they need to be licensed by passing a special examination, which I can not describe on it, since I have not yet encountered anyone who does not.)
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I want to leave hired workers in the EU countries. If anyone knows how to do this, then write in a personal. Who can offer a job – write. THX.
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Good day to all!
Many people, unfortunately, do not yet distinguish the design of residence permits from his escort. And for a long time then they are surprised that more investments are needed for the already paid 6000-7000. So: the residence permit for one person, the holder of the status, will cost about 16,000 euros per year. And this must be known in advance! Ask – I will try to answer all the questions that arise, in as much detail as possible.
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I want to leave hired workers in the EU countries. If anyone knows how to do this, then write in a personal. Who can offer a job – write. THX.
read carefully the forum, I painted everything in detail how to go to work in Poland.
I will not offer a job, it was complete in Poland, it was a will.
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Company & quot; Dialog & quot; in partnership with the Society of Slavic Compatriots “Ruslo” offers you the services on registration and full support of residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia. The company has existed for about 10 years and during this time we did not have a single refusal. Please contact us: we will try to answer in detail, on all questions that interest you.
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My husband and I opened a company in Slovenia ourselves, there is nothing complicated, but then an accountant is needed right away. And for working permission they applied to the company for help.
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Cost of services for registration of the residence permit of Slovenia:
Registration of the company and one residence permit 1500 euros.
Registration of the company and two residence permits 1800 euros.
Registration of residence permit for family reunification 300 euros.
Are paid by the client separately:
Notary services 150 euros.
Taxes and duties 150Euro.
Costs for the maintenance of the company at the time of registration of residence permit.
Office. Rent office for the registration of the company at the time of registration of residence permit 50-70 euros / month.
Taxes are monthly about 340 euros (including return after registration of residency)
Accountant. 60 euros.
The account of the firm in the Slovenian bank is about 25 euros.
I moved to Slovenia with my family more than two years ago, then I used the services of DATA, I was pleased.