Business immigration to Slovakia & # 8212; how to open a company in the Slovak Republic.
As mentioned earlier, immigration to Slovakia has a number of significant advantages. One of the most significant advantages is relatively easy business immigration, that is, the registration of a firm.
How can you get a residence permit (residence permit) and then permanent residence (permanent residence) in Slovakia through the opening of a company?
Legal features.
First, we will understand what requirements are imposed on business in Slovakia, which gives the right to obtain residence permit.
Nothing supernatural. Company (limited liability company (s.r.o.)):
must be registered in accordance with the established procedure; leadership should be available for contacts with officials (to avoid problems); a real address is required.
Of course, there are other requirements, but they are not too difficult to implement.
We are much more interested in this circumstance: the owner (owners) of the company should have the right to reside in Slovakia, that is, residence permit.
It turns out some paradox: the company is created for business immigration, at the same time, under existing laws it is necessary to already have the right of residence in order to get the right to open a company.
However, this circumstance only slightly complicates the process of business registration.
Instructions for the entrepreneur.
Submission of application for registration of a company in the Office of Entrepreneurship. This can be done by mail, having certified the documents in the Slovak consulate.
Of course, the statement is not in an arbitrary form – there are certain standards, this should be addressed directly to the Slovak laws (if we are going to live in this country, it is still necessary) and at the very least – for help to Slovak officials.
Then, after a positive response, the documents are sent to the Commercial Court, which refuses to register s.r.o. (or another form of your choice). Here the process stops: there is a refusal on the grounds that the owner of the company does not have the residence permit and the citizenship of the European Union.
This document is actually a useful thing, because it is the basis for obtaining a residence permit. Now you can apply at the consulate to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. In this case, you need to worry about several things in advance (in particular, about buying or renting real estate, see the material “How much is an apartment in Slovakia”).
List of documents.
The basic papers included in the package of documents for obtaining a residence permit:
the basis is the very refusal of registration; a document confirming the ownership of the property or its lease; certificate of possession of a certain amount of money; paid insurance in the Slovak Republic; medical information about a good state of health, absence of serious diseases; information on non-conviction in the Russian Federation and the Slovak Republic; questionnaire, photos of the established format, a copy of the passport with a validity of at least one and a half years.
In addition, for the entire procedure you need to pay a consular fee. Documents are provided in Slovak. They must be relevant – the validity period is only one month (30 days).
The procedure looks rather complicated, but the rest of the countries in terms of business immigration are unlikely to be much better. In all cases it is necessary to prepare for bureaucratic procedures. However, the inhabitants of the CIS are not accustomed to this.
See also the material Tips for opening an enterprise in Slovakia. In it you will find an overview of prospective niches.